US06097557Method and apparatus for recording compressed audio data on recording medium and method for transferring compressed audio data
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledAug. 1, 2000/ May 27, 1998
InventorsInoue; Hiraku, Takahashi; Toshihiko, Kihara; Nobuyuki, Hiroyasu; Shoko
SummaryMethod for updating the U-TOC in a Minidisc Kiosk based music delivery system. Here they describe that the local Kiosk equipment should, after recording the compressed audio data to the disc, determine the new U-TOC contents, rather than having the central server determine this. (Seems rather obvious).
AbstractA transfer protocol in a transfer system adapted for transferring compressed audio signals in a compressed form for recording on a recording medium is disclosed. The management data for managing compressed audio signals recorded on the recording medium are generated responsive to the information sent from the server in order to generate the management data without exchanging the management data between the server and the client. A transfer system in which, if data are previously recorded on the recording medium loaded on the client side, the management data can be edited for additionally recording data on the recording medium without modifying the compressed audio data and management data already recorded on the recording medium, is also disclosed.