US06009062Disc player for minidisc and compact disc playback
AssigneeVictor Company of Japan, Ltd.
Assign./FiledDec. 28, 1999/ June 4, 1998
InventorsNashimoto; Hiroaki, Nawata; Masaya, Morioka; Shoji
SummaryMechanism for combination MD/CD drive. Appears to be the basis for the JVC KD-MX3000. Contains detailed mechanical drawings of the drive.
AbstractA disc player for use in playback of both a minidisc and a compact disc is formed with an opening formed on a panel for loading a minidisc and another opening formed on the panel for loading a compact disc. A chassis is provided in an orthogonal direction with respect to the panel. Mounted on the chassis is a turning frame that is horizontally turnable on the chassis. Provided on the turning frame are a rotary unit for rotating the minidisc and another rotary unit for rotating the compact disc. The turning frame is turned horizontally to move at least either the rotary units to a predetermined information reading position. The disc player has a first and a second turntable (rotary unit) on which the minidisc and the compact disc are loaded, respectively, by a loading mechanism. The loading mechanism has a first roller to transfer the compact disc and a second roller the minidisc. The second roller is provided as parallel to the first roller and within a lateral length of the first roller. The minidisc is held by a holder provided as close to the first turntable from the second roller. The first and second rollers are rotated by one actuator.