US06005659Mini-disc laser power meter and method of making the same
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledDec. 21, 1999/ Dec. 15, 1998
InventorsD'Alessandro; Louis D., Pinzavetsky; Izrail F.
SummaryMD Laser power meter with the sensor unit in the shape of a Minidisc cartridge. The sensor can be inserted in a piece of MD equipment for laser power measurement without requiring any disassembly.
AbstractA laser power meter of the present invention including a laser power sensor and a power meter module is used for measuring the power level of a laser source in a minidisc recorder/player. The laser power sensor includes a photodetector and a variable resistor electrically connected together and housed in a cartridge-like housing that is equivalent in dimension to a minidisc used in the minidisc recorder/player. The laser power sensor is inserted into the minidisc recorder/player like a regular minidisc, thus allowing laser power readings without disassembling the recorder/player.