US05963521Recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus with dubbing mode
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledOct. 5, 1999/ Sept. 11, 1998
InventorsNagashima; Hideki, Ando; Ryo, Maeda; Yasuaki, Obata; Hideo, Yoshida; Tadao, Fujiie; Kazuhiko
SummaryHigh speed dubbing in the ATRAC domain.
AbstractA high speed dubbing is to be realized with two recording and/or reproducing units for compressed data. To this end, a magneto-optical disc 32 is read by an optical head 33 and compressed data produced via a decoder 41 are delivered to a memory 14 via a switch 37. The data are then delivered to a magnetic head driving circuit 16 via an encoder 15 for direct writing on a magneto-optical disc 2. In this manner, compressed data are directly dubbed without expansion to realize high speed dubbing.