US05940352Record medium device for recording and reproducing time codes synchronized with input/reproduction signals into and from record medium having UTOC area, and record medium having UTOC area
AssigneeNippon Columbia Co. Ltd.
Assign./FiledAug. 17, 1999/ Sept. 18, 1997
InventorsMoriguchi; Yasumichi
SummaryMethod for recording video timecodes to Minidisc, storing them in the UTOC. (Nippon Columbia is otherwise known as Denon).
AbstractA record medium device recording/reproducing signals in a format without time code from a record medium, yet being able to record/reproduce time codes. Time-code conversion circuit 16 obtains a time code indicating a head of a track from time code signals synchronized with input signals. The system controller 3 records the input signals into an MD 1 through a magnetic head 24. Further, the system controller 3 records the obtained time code indicating the head of the track into a UTOC area of the MD 1, relating the time code to the track in question. By this construction, it is possible to generate time codes synchronized with reproduction signals based on a time code which is related to a track to be reproduced and indicates a head of the track in question.