US05819211Adaptive transform acoustic coding circuit formed in a single application specific integrated circuit of a mini disk system
AssigneeSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Assign./FiledOct. 6, 1998/ Feb. 26, 1996
InventorsJeong; Seong-Hyun
SummaryIntegrated circuit for decoding ATRAC. Gives explicit timings and RAM requirements for the ATRAC decoding operation.
AbstractThe present invention relates to an adaptive transform acoustic coding circuit capable of ensuring the reliability of decoded audio data. The adaptive transform acoustic coding circuit is employed in a mini disc system, and includes a demultiplexer for inputting and demultiplexing a bit stream of an audio signal applied to the mini disk system; a word reconstruction unit for receiving the output of the demultiplexer, extracting and compressing audio spectrum data; a synthesis unit for extending data compressed at a word reconstruction unit for each of low, middle and high bands of the audio spectrum data and synthesizing the extended data; and an error removing unit for receiving a portion of the output of the demultiplexer and providing error removing data to the word reconstruction unit and the synthesis unit.