US05784349Musical information recording and reproducing technique for use with a recording medium
AssigneeYamaha Corporation
Assign./FiledJuly 21, 1998/ Aug. 28, 1996
InventorsOgusu; Mikio, Fujiwara; Kazunobu, Tanaka; Kei
SummaryRelates to multitrack recording and display of a musical piece's current measure. Similarity to US05602811.
AbstractThere is generated a rhythm corresponding to a designated tempo and meter of a music piece to be recorded. Performance of a musical instrument is started at specific timing according to the generated rhythm, and the musical information resulting from the performance is recorded onto an MD (Mini Disk). The address on the MD read out when the performance of the music piece is started is retrieved as a start address of the music piece. After the recording, the retrieved start address is recorded onto the UTOC (User's-table-of-contents) area of the disk along with the designated tempo and meter. By reading out the start address, tempo and meter to calculate a measure number and start address of a desired measure on the basis of the read out information, display of a measure number being currently reproduced and quick access to the starting point of any desired measure can be achieved. In applications where plural channels are involved, part information indicative of performance parts assigned and recorded on the individual recording channels is also recorded onto the UTOC area. When necessary, the part information is visually displayed. In ping-pong recording, performance parts to be mixed are additively synthesized on the basis of the recorded part information and then recorded onto the UTOC area as part information for a channel where the mixed output is to be recorded.