US05706262Recording and reproducing apparatus that allows user reordering of the sequence that data is reproduced from the disc and that automatically reorders the remaining data after data defined by the user has been erased
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledJan. 6, 1998/ Aug. 1, 1996
InventorsYokota; Teppei, Aramaki; Junichi, Kihara; Nobuyuki
SummaryMethod to allow users to delete or renumber multiple tracks at once, reducing confusion caused by tracks changing their numbering when these operations are attempted one at a time.
AbstractA recording and reproducing apparatus corresponding to a recording medium having management information (U-TOC) for managing the order of reproduction and reproducing operations for recorded data (pieces of music), having a controller which makes it possible to rewrite the management information when the order of the data is specified by a program so that the order of reproduction is changed in accordance with the order of data specified by the program on the recording medium (F110) or to rewrite the management data so that the data specified by the program become erased data (F106), allowing the erasure of plural pieces of music and the changing of the order of reproduction to be carried out easily.