US05699336Reproducing apparatus having buffer memory and capable of rapidly restarting reproduction and method of controlling the apparatus
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledDec. 16, 1997/ Jan. 18, 1996
InventorsMaeda; Yasuaki, Nagashima; Hideki, Nakamura; Kosuke
SummaryDecrease track-seek delay in portables by storing beginning of next track and beginning of previous track in shock-proof memory, so that if the user issues a track-seek, the adjacent track can be immediately played out while waiting for the optical head to power up, seek to position, and begin reading.
AbstractA reproducing apparatus in which a reproduction signal reproduced from a recording medium is temporarily stored in a memory and is thereafter read out, and in which, when the amount of accumulation of the reproduction signal stored in the memory becomes equal to or larger than a predetermined value, a function of at least one section of the reproducing apparatus is inhibited. A part of at least one of a program read out from the memory before the inhibition of the above-mentioned function and other programs before and after the program read out from the memory is previously stored in the memory. Therefore, even if an access to such a program is requested while the function of the related section of the reproducing apparatus is inhibited, the part of the program can be read out to immediately obtain the desired reproduction output.