US05592449Disc apparatus using character-based control codes in a table of contents
AssigneeCorporation Kenwood
Assign./FiledJan. 7, 1997/ Nov. 14, 1995
InventorsGoto; Soju, Kawasaki; Takashi, Hiranuma; Satoshi, Suzuki; Nobumasa, Shibata; Izumi
SummaryUsing character information placed in the track title area to control devices external to the MD player.
AbstractA disc recording/reproducing apparatus capable of controlling the record/reproduction of the apparatus or other devices connected to it, by using character information recorded in U-TOC area. A character code for controlling the apparatus or other devices is recorded in U-TOC area at the location corresponding to each track number recorded in a mini disc at each delimiter of a musical program. During the reproduction of a musical program recorded in the mini disc by the disc recording/reproducing apparatus, the character code added in correspondence with the track number is read and the reproduction operation is controlled in accordance with the character code.