US05563861Optical disc recording apparatus which controls re-recording after a disturbance as a function of the frequency of the detected disturbance
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledOct. 8, 1996/ May 11, 1995
InventorsKudo; Junichi, Senoguchi; Ryosuke
SummaryRelated to detecting track jumps and re-recording affected sections. Good description of physical level recording and playback functions.
AbstractAn optical recording apparatus includes a memory, a recording device, a detector and a controller. The memory stores input data in sequence at a first transmission rate, reads out the stored input data at a second transmission rate which is faster than the first transmission rate, and outputs the data read at the second transmission rate as a recording data in predetermined data units. The recording device adds a cluster connecting sector with a data length long enough to cover a distance to rearrange data through interleaving before and after the recording data in the predetermined data unit and or recording the interleaved data on an optical disc. The detector detects an abnormality of the recording operation and outputs an output signal as an abnormality detected result. The controller controls re-recording by the recording device corresponding to an output signal from the detector within a predetermined period thereafter which is chosen to ensure a sufficient buffer capacity in the memory to store inputted data during re-recording after a detected abnormality.