US05552896Disk recording/reproducing apparatus and disks applied therein
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledSept. 3, 1996/ Nov. 18, 1993
InventorsYoshida; Tadao
SummaryCovers most components of the Minidisc system (general MD patent?).
AbstractA disk recording/reproducing apparatus for recording data on a disk with addition data recorded in a playback only area of the disk along with recording data having the same data structure as that of data which can be recorded in a recording/reproducing area of the disk, thus making it possible to reproduce the addition data along with the recording data. Compressed data obtained by implementing, by using an ATRAC encoder 13, data compression to successively inputted digital data divided into clusters, with cluster connection sectors longer than an interleaving length provided at connection portions of each of the clusters, to implement interleaving processing of the recording data to record them into a recording/reproducing area of a magneto-optical disk 2, and to reproduce them by using an optical head 3. From a reproduction or playback only area of the magneto-optical disk 2, addition data are reproduced from sectors corresponding to the cluster connection sectors.