US05539717Player for reproducing both minidisc and compact disc
AssigneeDaewoo Electronics Co., Ltd.
Assign./FiledJuly 23, 1996/ Dec. 13, 1994
InventorsChoi; Hyungho
SummaryCovers the mechanics of a transport for both CD and MD.
AbstractDisclosed is a disc player for reproducing a minidisc and a compact disc. The disc player includes a disc tray and a base plate. The disc tray has a compact disc and minidisc mounting parts placed on the upper surface thereof, cut portions to expose the discs to a pickup, a rack gear disposed on a lower edge of one side wall thereof and first cam grooves disposed on both side walls thereof. The base plate has a rectangular cut portion formed at a center thereof enabling the pickup to read out data from the discs and first shafts projected from both side walls thereof to be inserted into the first cam grooves of the tray. An outer chassis having first vertical cut portions is formed on both side walls to guide the elevating movement of the first shafts. A pickup feeding device is secured to a bottom surface of the base plate. A compact disc turntable and a minidisc turntable are secured respectively to a front center and a rear center of the rectangular cut portion of the base plate. A loading device is secured to one side wall of the outer chassis. The number of components is reduced and the simple structure can be achieved. Also, the minidisc and compact disc are mounted thereon at the same time, so that they can be driven selectively according to a user' needs.