US05537387Information storage disk with display data recorded in a lead-in region and an apparatus for recording and/reproducing the disc
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledJuly 16, 1996/ May 11, 1995
InventorsAndo; Ryo, Yoshida; Tadao, Tsurushima; Katsuaki
SummaryTOC related. Very similar to US05521900.
AbstractAn optical disc, and a disc recorder and a disc reproducer therefor, wherein in a lead-in region of the disc table of contents data indicating the record position on the disc of main data, e.g. musical numbers or the like, are recorded as subcodes and display data of, e.g. the titles of the musical numbers, the performers, etc., are also recorded as main data and wherein in a data region on the disc are recorded play data for the musical numbers as well as display data of the titles, performers, etc. of the musical numbers.