US05528570Apparatus for recording and reproducing data on a magneto-optical disc at a data transfer rate which is the same as that of data reproduced from a compact disc
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledJune 18, 1996/ Feb. 24, 1994
InventorsKondo; Masamichi
SummaryMD-Data related. Nice explanation of the long interleave and the reason for link sectors. Detailed description of the MD's physical data level.
AbstractAn optical disc system uses a recordable MD (mini disc) which can be applied to a multi-media system mass storage, such as a CD-ROM. In an optical disc system in which data of n sectors and added data of m sectors are error-corrected in a CIRC (Cross Interleave Reed-Solomon code) fashion and error-corrected data is recorded on an MD 16 in units of L+n+m sectors (L is the number of link sectors), when data is recorded and/or reproduced, a rotational speed of the MD 16 is selected to be (L+m+n) times at least. When n is 32 sectors, m is 1 sector, and L is 3 sectors then the rotational speed is 9/8 times and a maximum data transfer rate is selected to be 150 kB/s. In this way, data in a CD-ROM 10 can be recorded on the MD 16 at substantially the same transfer rate as the maximum data transfer rate (150 kB/s) of the CD-ROM 10.