US05461378Digital signal decoding apparatus
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledOct. 24, 1995/ Sept. 8, 1993
InventorsShimoyoshi; Osamu, Akagiri; Kenzo, Abe; Miki, Watanabe; Takahiro
SummaryATRAC decoding enhancement. Similarity to US05381143.
AbstractThere is provided a decoding apparatus adapted for decoding a coded signal from a coding apparatus adapted to divide an input, digital signal into signals in frequency bands by using at least one filter to divide respective filter outputs into blocks every plural words to carry out a first block floating processing every respective blocks to further implement an orthogonal transform processing to the signal which has been subjected to the first block floating processing to thereby conduct frequency analysis thereafter to divide the orthogonally transformed output into blocks every plural words to carry out a second block floating processing every respective blocks, wherein after the second block floating is released by using a predetermined number of inverse floating circuits, the coded signal is restored to a signal on the time base by inverse orthogonal transform processing at a predetermined number of IMDCT circuits, and the first block floating is released in the process of the inverse orthogonal transform operation.