US05392265Recording and reproducing apparatus which calculates and displays management information of recorded segments
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledFeb. 21, 1995/ May 17, 1993
InventorsTakezawa; Masayuki
SummaryUse of TOC information to display playing time of a track, total playing time, and recording time remaining. Includes careful description of TOC contents.
AbstractA recording and/or reproducing apparatus records and/or reproduces a recording medium on which musical information is recorded discretely together with management information for managing the recorded musical information. The apparatus calculates, based on the management information, a playing time of each musical piece, a total playing time of all of the musical pieces recorded on the recording medium, a remaining time for which the recording medium can be further recorded, and a remaining number of musical pieces which can be further recorded onto the recording medium, and displays the result of the calculation.