US05388093Disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus for recording continuous compressed data in plural data regions and disc therefor
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledFeb. 7, 1995/ Sept. 16, 1992
InventorsYoshida; Tadao, Ohmori; Takashi
SummaryGeneral Minidisc description that includes details of the TOC layout. Some commonality with US05363362.
AbstractA disc recording apparatus in which continuous recording data is subdivided and recorded in plural recording zones of the disc in the subdivided state, is disclosed, A system controller controls the recording position and the reproducing position of the recording data with respect to data zones of a recording/reproducing region of a magneto-optical disc. The continuous recording data are subdivided for recording in plural data recording zones, while track number data indicating the continuous recording data recorded in the data zones, address data indicating the positions of the data zones and address data indicating the linking destination for one to another data zone, are recorded in a lead-in region of the recording/reproducing region under control of the system controller. A disc reproducing apparatus fop reproducing the recorded data recorded by the disc recording apparatus and a disc-shaped recording medium used in the disc recording apparatus and in the disc reproducing apparatus are also disclosed.