US05357498Disc drive apparatus that positions an objective lens within a disc cartridge at the time when the disc is rotated
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledOct. 18, 1994/ Sept. 14, 1992
InventorsYoshida; Tadao, Fujisawa; Hirotoshi
SummaryOptical head arrangment where the head is moved close to the disk through the shutter opening in the cartridge.
AbstractA recording and/or reproducing apparatus is disclosed in which informational signals are recorded and/or reproduced by irradiating an optical disc 202 with a light beam from an optical pick-up device 1 through an recording and/or reproducing opening 205 which is formed in a disc cartridge 202 which rotatably houses an optical disc 203. The optical pick-up device 1 which is used for the recording and/or reproducing apparatus comprises a light source and an objective lens 5 for converging the light beam from the light source upon the signal recording area of the optical disc 203. When recording and/or reproducing of informational signal on and/or from the optical disc 203 is performed by the optical pick-up device 1, only the objective lens 5 is moved into the disc cartridge 202 via the recording and/or reproducing opening 205 formed on the disc cartridge 202 to shorten the distance between the objective lens 5 of the optical pick-up device 1 and the disc 203.