US05343452Data recording/reproducing apparatus of simultaneously performing both reproducing and recording from and in a single recording medium
AssigneeSharp Corporation
Assign./FiledAug. 30, 1994/ Nov. 19, 1992
InventorsMaeda; Shigemi, Kojima; Kunio, Akiyama; Jun
SummaryMethod for playing back and recording simultaneously. The MDS-DRE1 must have used a scheme such as this.
AbstractA data recording/reproducing apparatus uses a single recording medium in which absolute address data are previously formed. Also, the data recording/reproducing apparatus has a first memory for recording and a second memory for reproducing. Audio data reproduced from the recording medium is stored in the second memory at a first transfer rate, and the audio data stored in the second memory is sequentially read at a second transfer rate lower than the first transfer rate to be audio-reproduced, while audio data inputted from external is sequentially stored in the first memory at the second rate and the audio data stored in the first memory is read at the first transfer rate to be recorded on the recording medium. The aforementioned reproducing and recording operations are alternately repeated. Thus, the data recording/reproducing apparatus allows audio data recording operation to be concurrently performed during audio reproduction with the single recording medium.