US05341357Optical disc recording apparatus
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledAug. 23, 1994/ Dec. 11, 1991
InventorsMukawa; Hiroshi, Ando; Nobuhiko
SummaryMethod for disabling the eject button when the TOC is being written.
AbstractA recording apparatus for an optical disc 101 having ejection inhibiting levers 18, 19 moved at the time of starting the recording mode. These ejection inhibiting levers 18, 19 are retained in the moved position by a locking lever 23 during the recording mode for inhibiting thrusting of an ejection button 17 which may be operated for taking out the optical disc 101. After the end of recording of table-of-contents data on the optical disc 101 following recording of the information signals on the disc 101, the locking lever 23 releases the retention of the ejection inhibiting levers 18, 19 for enabling thrusting of the ejection button 17.