US05331617Audio data recording/reproduction device having digital high speed dubbing function and audio data dubbing system using such devices
AssigneeSanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Assign./FiledJuly 19, 1994/ May 27, 1993
InventorsFuma; Masato, Tamura; Yutaka, Sugihara; Nagatoshi, Inoue; Takao, Okamoto; Miyuki
SummaryContains diagrams of shock proof memory levels as the memory drains and refills.
AbstractAn audio data dubbing system includes a reproduction side device and a recording side device. The reproduction side device reproduces intermittently from a reproduction side disc compressed audio data on the basis of a predetermined reproducing unit, which is first stored in a reproduction side memory and read out continuously therefrom to be provided as compressed audio data for recording. Recording side device first stores in a recording side memory compressed audio data for recording provided from the reproduction side device and reads out the same therefrom intermittently in a predetermined recording unit to be recorded on a recording side disc. The recording side device suspends the reproduction operation of compressed audio data from the reproduction side disc in the reproduction side device when the data amount in the recording side memory is increased to exceed a first reference value. The reproduction side device suspends the recording operation of the compressed audio data for recording to the recording side disc in the recording side device when the data amount in the reproduction side memory is decreased to become lower than a second reference value.