US05224087Apparatus for recording compressed digital information to an optical disc
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledJune 29, 1993/ Aug. 19, 1991
InventorsMaeda; Yasuaki, Ando; Ryo, Nagashima; Hideki
SummaryUse of shock memory for compressed audio, plus interleave issues. This is an ur-Minidisc patent, discussing recording of compressed audio to optical disk, albeit with an unprotected carrier (see discussion starting page 11).
AbstractAn apparatus for recording compressed digitized information to an optical disc by reading the digital data into a memory for transient storage. The digital input data thus written into the memory are sequentially read out of the memory and into an encoder at a transfer rate faster than the input transfer rate where the digital data are arranged in discrete clusters of record units including cluster-linking groups such that each record unit can be interleaved independently and without affecting other record units. The interleaved record units are then recorded onto an optical disc. Reproduction of the record units from the optical disk is carried out by reversing the process.