US05222054Seeking operation control apparatus in an optical disk reader
AssigneeFunai Electric Co., Ltd.
Assign./FiledJune 22, 1993/ Sept. 17, 1991
InventorsMuraoka; Masaru, Takegawa; Syozo
SummaryOptimization of track jump operations, by calculating the number of tracks that need to be skipped.
AbstractA seeking operation control apparatus in an optical disc reader reads track information stored in an optical disc with an optical pickup which is movable in the radial direction in order to seek a desired track. It includes a calculator for calculating track values, a jump driver, a jump controller, and a reading controller. The calculator calculates the number of tracks in the distance between the track onto which the optical pickup is positioned and a desired track based upon track information obtained by the optical pickup. The jump driver induces the optical pickup to jump one or more predetermined tracks. The jump controller controls the jump driver whereby it performs the track jump operation repeatedly as required to make the optical pickup jump the track value calculated by the calculator. The reading controller directs the optical pickup to read track information after the jump control operation is completed. Accordingly, the optical disc reader is able to seek the desired track in minimal time, since it does require that track information be read as often as conventional readers do.