US05153861Recording/reproducing device
AssigneeSharp Corporation
Assign./FiledOct. 6, 1992/ Dec. 13, 1989
InventorsMaeda; Shigemi, Terashima; Shigeo
SummaryAllow user information to be added to the TOC of recordable CD.
AbstractIn a recording/reproducing device in accordance with the present invention, recording or reproducing positions are recognized by using absolute address parts which are predeterminately formed in a rewritable recording medium. Moreover, the device is composed so that the user can easily edit reproducing procedures stored in memory means with respect to each information in the recording medium by using the recording or reproducing positions read from above-mentioned absolute address parts and he/she can also rewrite above-mentioned reproducing procedures edited by him/her in the lead-in region of the above-mentioned recording medium. Accordingly, the user can save trouble to re-enter those reproducing procedures every time he/she places the recording medium in the recording/reproducing device, and once the recording medium having the edited reproducing procedure information recorded in the lead-in area is placed in the recording/reproducing device, successive reproductions of each information according to desired reproducing procedures are easily performed, thereby resulting in an improved operability.