US05148417Tracking jump compensator for optical disc reproducing apparatus
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledSept. 15, 1992/ April 23, 1990
InventorsWong; Alan, Hori; Katsuya, Yoshida; Tadao
SummaryShock proof memory (embodiment in CD).
AbstractThe present invention is concerned with an optical disk reproducing apparatus for reproducing digital data from an optical disk, such as an audio compact disk and, above all, with such apparatus in which a continuous playback output may be produced even when track jump should occur due to vibrations or the like. With the optical disk reproducing apparatus according to the present invention, digital data detected from an optical disk are sequentially written in a RAM for subsequent reading so that data stored in the RAM continue to be read even on the occurrence of the track jump to provide a continuous playback output. On the other hand, the optical disk is reproduced at an increased speed for a predetermined time period after the light spot irradiating the optical disk resets to its original position from track jump to replenish digital data to the RAM.