US04910622Over write capable magnetooptical recording medium
AssigneeNikon Corporation
Assign./FiledMarch 20, 1990/ May 10, 1988
InventorsSaito; Jun, Sato; Masatoshi, Matsumoto; Hiroyuki
SummaryMagnetic overwrite system in which 2 bits can be stored per magnetic domain.
AbstractOver Write Capable Magnetooptical Recording Medium, Recording Method and Apparatus Using the Same. The recording medium in which the direction of an initial field Hini. is the same as that of a bias field Hb (Classes 1, 2, and 8 in Table 1), and which satisfies predetermined formulas can allow an over-write operation if a jointing field Hjoint. is used which continuously changes from the initial field Hini. to the bias field Hb.