US04858217Optical disk recording and reproducing device
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledAug. 15, 1989/ Nov. 16, 1987
InventorsFujiie; Kazuhiko, Yoshida; Tadao, Ando; Ryo
SummaryRecordable CD patent. Relates to handling of the long interleaved CIRC when a new audio segment is recorded.
AbstractAn optical disk recording/reproducing device that records and reproduces digital audio data by executing an interleave processing for error correction is disclosed. According to the invention, when new musical information is recorded successively after previously recorded musical information, recording is started by digitally adding zero data for a prescribed period. Similarly, upon stopping recording of the musical information, zero data are digitally added for a prescribed period so as to end recording. The present invention is made to produce no abnormal sounds in a boundary section of one musical information in its reproduction state and the other musical information that comes immediately before or after it.