Guide to bargaining for MD gear in New York City

by: Gen Li of New York

When you want to buy an MD player or any other kind of electronics in New York, don't go to American electronic stores! Isn't this ironic? I suggest going to Chinatown and going into Chinese electronic stores, or go to Flushing, Queens (Main St.) to get your MD player. The reasons for buying electronics at Chinese stores are:

  1. They usually have the newest models.
  2. They have cheaper prices.
  3. You can sometimes ask to not be taxed if you pay in cash.
When I bought my Sharp MT-821, I went to look at some electronics stores owned by American, Chinese, and Korean shopkeepers. When I went to Chinatown, I went into a few of the Chinese electronics stores for the Sharp MT-821 and the average price for it was $289.99, but you had to pay tax. Then I saw this American electronics store and I went in and asked about the Sharp MT-821. The first thing they told me was that they were charging $349.99 plus tax! I was so shocked! I didn't even bother dealing with them. Then finally I went in to this other Chinese store and I haggled and tried to make a good deal on it. The final price was $290 with tax included. Now that's a good price. Then I bought a 10 pack of MD's from them for $28, but didn't buy anything else. If you are looking for optical cords, go somewhere else. Basically the trick is not to show any excitement in buying the MD player. The shop people will see this and not lower the price. Try to be suave and not be conceited or rude.

Remember, you control the price and not the dealers.

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