In Favor of Using MD for Music Education Classes

Simon Mackay
April 2000

As part of your music-education program, do you let students, especially children, play music recordings themselves? Due to many different hands handling the equipment and media; your recordings or equipment may be subjected to abuse, which causes it to end up out of action.

MiniDisc, due to the fact that the disc is sealed in a hard plastic cartridge, is more rugged than records, CDs or cassettes (which are often used as part of your music education program). As part of your music-education program, you most probably will have obtained blanket music-copying rights which would allow you to clearly and legally record the music for your course.

What to do would be to record all the music onto MD and deploy sturdy decks like the Sony JE520 for each playback station. These decks can even be used as part of private playback stations due to the fact that they have their own headphone jack with its own volume control; which works with headsets or listening stations that have an 1/4" stereo phone plug or 1/8" stereo phone plug (when used with the headphone adaptor). The remote control is best used for teacher-controlled playback and kept well away from students.

Make sure that all the recordings are protected (with the tabs set to RECORD PROTECT) before you release them to students. Also the recordings can be titled by track and disc and this information will appear on the deck's display.

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