The relationship between PASS, ASC and PMI Audio

Tim Wilkinson, PASS
January 2000

The relationship between PASS, ASC and PMI Audio is as follows:

I designed and initiated the whole concept of professional housings for MD recorders back in 1995. The unit was called the MD-Report! and manufactured by my company PASS but marketed in the UK & Europe through our distributors ASC.

In November 1998, ASC having made major sales of the unit decided to manufacture their own version, which is basically a copy of our unit.

Since that time PASS have continued to manufacture the MD-Report! and now distribute directly and through various other companies to all parts of the world. At the end of 1998, PASS introduced the MD-Report! Junior (a more compact version) and this is the unit shown in your table under the PMI Audio entry. PMI Audio based in Califonia are in fact our our USA distributors of both the MD-Report! & Junior.

The names MD-Report! & MD Report! Junior are the subject of some wrangling and are we are waiting for Trade Mark registration which is taking some time to secure.

I the meantime, it is very difficult to stop ASC using this name. However, there are litterally thousands of MD-Report! units out there and of course many people and organisations accossiate the unit with PASS and we therefore still sell large quantities.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion!

Just as a side note, the PASS MD-Report! is in widespread use throughout the broadcasting industry and is issued as standard reporting kit to many Radio Journalists.

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