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Digital Relay™: CRX10U-A2 (USB)
Powerful for work, portable for play™

Sony introduces the next generation CD-RW drive: the award-winning Digital Relay™ drive. A revolutionary addition to the Spressa™ product line, the Digital Relay™ drive is a USB battery-operated CD-R/CD-RW burner*, CD-ROM drive, CD player and MP3 player - all in one sleek package.

Powerful -
With the Digital Relay™CD-RW drive connected to your computer, you can back up your files, create digital photo albums, burn custom music CDs (either the standard audio or MP3 formats), or use it as an external CD-ROM drive for your sub-notebook computer.

Portable -
When it’s time to go, the Digital Relay™ drive detaches in an instant to become a battery-operated audio CD player! You can play any standard audio format CD, including the custom discs you make with the Digital Relay™ drive. If you really want to travel light, use the Digital Relay™ drive to playback up to 11 hours of your favorite MP3 files saved onto a single data CD.**

The Digital Relay™ CD-RW comes with everything you need to use it out of the box, including powerful software bundles for both the Windows® and Macintosh®. Other accessories include: wired remote control with CD TEXT™ display, earphones and built-in hardware MP3 decoding, an InfoLithium® rechargeable battery, AC power adapter, cables, and of course, blank Sony media to get you started!

* maximum speeds possible: 4X CD-R / 4X CD-RW / 6X play
** dependent upon user-selected sample rate

Please record responsibly!

Before copying anything onto a CD-R or CD-RW disc, please be sure you are not violating Copyright laws. Most software companies allow you to make a back up or archive copy of software. Check your software license agreement for specific details.
WinList 2001
February 13, 2001
Popular Mechanics
Editor's Choice Award
2001 CES, Las Vegas
Editor's Choice Award
February 27, 2001

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