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< April 13th >
Small temple trust well weekly publication Electric Zooma!

The 15V type liquid crystal Vega of SONY and analog BS tuner loading

The Hi-MD drive for the data where SONY and SonicStage belong

The buffalo and the Hi-MD player who corresponds to MP3

Buffalo, animated picture conversion corresponding キャプチャカード for PSP

DVD ミニコンポ of ダイナコネクティブ and actual sale 34,800 Yen

"VideoStudio 9" of ユーリード and WMV HD correspondence

Eye o and industry first DVD+R DL 8 time fast correspondence drive

Ricoh, first 8 time fast corresponding DVD+RW media

Universal, selling DVD "Ray/ ray" on June 10th

2 layer DVD+R 4 time fast correspondence drive of buffalo and 9,765 Yen

Memory TEX, HD DVD field board recorder of semiconductor laser

The case for iPod shuffle of focal and lightweight aluminum make

In portion of ピクセラ and TV キャプチャ for Mac trouble

RIAJ, starting the illegal music file exchange user 5 person and reconciliation negotiation

Information of renewal "DVD sale day summary" April 11th

UMD video sale day summary

< April 12th >
Weekly buying っ dissolving! DVD

Verifying one for PSP "UMD video software" which is sold finally

Victor, HDD camera "Everio" high ended model

The DV camera of Victor and バリアングル liquid crystal /3CCD loading

Toshiba, in HD DVD player Intel platform adoption

The adapter which cooperates オンキヨー, iPod and the AV system

With bi- design and domestic panel 26 type liquid crystal TV of 13 ten thousand Yen

Buzz style, the cylindrical active speaker which turns

Just system, no charge release the abridged edition "of BeatJam"

Toshiba, "RD-H1" 19th 10:48 AM for the second time in reservation acceptance

The Bick camera Shinjuku store, flax warehouse 怜 loyal retainer special selection audio set

Image 2004, as for acoustic equipment market scale approximately 1 trillion 7,728 hundred million Yen

The northeast pioneer, supplying the organic EL panel to D-snap Audio

As for the number of BS of 3 ends of the month digital spread households approximately 830 ten thousand households

Information of renewal "DVD sale day summary" April 11th

< April 11th >
Weekly publication Digital of Fujimoto Ken Audio Laboratory

"Premium" AV amplifier of デノン and THX ultra2 correspondence

17/19 type liquid crystal displays of SONY and tuner loading

The Japanese sale of ブエナ and UMD video from May 25th start

Audio Technica, the active speaker which can be folded

TV of the foreign country can be viewed by way of the net "MegaBox"

Eye o and 2 layer DVD-R record software attachment hyper multiple

The portable drive of Logitech and 5 time fast DVD-RAM correspondence

Start treble quality conversion project of エイベックス and music transmission

Liquid crystal data projector of 4,000 lumen in Epson and brightness

Canopus and achievement expectation upper part correction. It converts to the black-ink balance

Fujitsu and sharp, concluding the contract of liquid crystal device business transfer

Victor, serial number of the trouble type "of DR-MX1" re-notification

AV Watch access ranking

Information of renewal "DVD sale day summary" April 8th

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The buffalo and the Hi-MD player who corresponds to MP3
- Approximately 21.5 hour playbacks are possible with single 3 electric battery drives


Late April sale

Standard price: 27,720 Yen

The corporationbuffalo sells Hi-MD portable audio player "MD-HUSB" late from April. As for price at open price, as for price 27,720 Yen.

It can utilize as the Hi-MD player

The audio player who utilizes the Hi-MD/MD media as record medium. Commercialization of the portable player of Hi-MD correspondence continues to SONY and becomes 2nd. At the same company "not only the PC-RELATED product of data storage and the like, it keeps developing also the product of the field whose relation of the digital foam/home is new", that it has explained.

The corresponding audio codec with ATRAC3/ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus and WAV and MP3, does the audio software "BeatJam for BUFFALO" empty transfer of attachment. As for correspondence OS Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP and Mac OS after the 9.0.4 and the Mac OS X 10.0.4. Furthermore, late the BeatJam strengthening kit of May release schedule becomes necessary concerning the transfer of the MP3 file.

When the Hi-MD disk of MP3 recording which it drew up is played back at "MD-HUSB" other than, the Hi-MD player who corresponds to MP3 playback becomes necessary, but at present it is limited toSONY"MZ-DH10P "and"MZ-EH930 " etc.. In addition, being available by the fact that also the former MD disk does the Hi-MD format, in case of 80 minute media it can handle as the disk of approximately 300MB capacity.

As for corresponding bit rate with Hi-MD format PCM mode (1.4Mbps), Hi-SP mode (ATRAC3plus 256kbps) /Hi-LP mode (ATRAC3plus 64/48kbps, ATRAC3 132/105/66kbps and MP3 32 - 320kbps). As for playback frequency zone as for 20Hz - 20kHz and installed capacity 5mW×2ch. As for impedance 16 Ω.

The cooperation with PC utilizes USB 2.0. However, from restriction and the like of the transfer rate of Hi-MD, it has become USB 2.0 Full-Speed of maximum transfer rate 11Mbps. Other than the audio data, as a USB storage for the usual data it can utilize.

As for power source with single 3 electric battery 1, continual playback time with Hi-MD mode 21.5 hours (Hi-MD disk), with MD mode approximately 26 hours. As for external size 84×29×77mm (width × depth × height), as for weight approximately 99g (only substance). Also picture management software "warehouse Emon 2005 デジブック PLUS" belongs.

Liquid crystal display is loaded onto the substance front Also the USB terminal and head phone output have

Home page of □buffalo
Http: //buffalo.jp/
□news release
Http: //buffalo.melcoinc.co.jp/products/new/2005/003_1.html
□-related article
< March 2nd > SONY and MP3 new standard "Hi-MD PHOTO" corresponding MD walkman
- CMOS camera loading. In color liquid crystal photograph/ジャケ copying indication
Http: //www.watch.impress.co.jp/av/docs/20050302/sony1.htm
< March 2nd > The record re-corresponding Hi-MD walkman of SONY and organic EL display loading
- It corresponds to MP3 playback. Only ATRAC playback private model of support
Http: //www.watch.impress.co.jp/av/docs/20050302/sony2.htm

(2005 April 13th)

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