Pre-pre announced Sony MD equipment

Sony's MD pages covering the 1996 Audio Fair give information about the following items:


MDS-JE700 / MDS-J3000

MDX-C8000 (car unit)

DHC-MD99 ``Pixy'' System

One of Sony's News pages introduces the new DHC-MD99 ``Pixy'' System:

Intro date Nov 10, price JPY 186,000, initial production 10,000 units.

"World's first 5 MD recording/playback changer." (The MD deck itself is called the MDS-MS99). It provides "long play", playing back 5 discs in continuation. [When used in the DHC-MD99 Pixy system] It can record each of 5 CDs onto 5 MDs (using the CDP-MS99 5 CD changer). You can also record from the AM or FM tuner onto the 5 discs, programming separate radio programs to get recorded on their own discs.

The CD player, in conjunction with the optional CTD-S100 Text Display Unit, can display album names, song names, artist names and other text information that has been placed on "Music CD's that contain CD Text"

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