A Petition Asking Sony to Remove the
from its Portable Minidisc Recorders and

Sony Electronics Corporation
Tokyo, Japan

Sony Electronics USA
Park Ridge, New Jersey

From: The Community of MiniDisc Users on the Web

Dear Sony MiniDisc Designers,

Without a doubt, Sony is the backbone of the MD format. Our petition seeks a change to the Sony portable MD recorder user interface for the betterment of all MD users. It is not our intention to cause general trouble or engage in ad hominem harassment of Sony.

On behalf of all Sony MiniDisc users, we kindly ask that you heed our petition, as follows:

Sony portable Minidisc recorders require that users manually push an "END SEARCH" button in order to have a new recording placed after existing material on the Minidisc, and

Often in the hectic moments before starting a recording it is easy to forget this crucial step, leading to a loss of precious material, and

Other Sony Minidisc equipment (decks, bookshelf systems, boomboxes, pro-equipment) and other manufacturers' Minidisc equipment feature an Automatic End Search function that always places new recordings after existing material, and

Minidisc is an inherently random access medium, with a Table of Contents directory and an embedded computer that makes automatically positioning to the end of existing material a natural and straightforward task, and

The MANUAL END SEARCH function only serves to complicate the user interface of MD portables with no added benefit,

kindly request that Sony henceforth remove the MANUAL END SEARCH function from its portable recorders and adhere to the convention followed by all other Minidisc equipment makers of providing AUTOMATIC END SEARCH that (by default) places newly recorded material at the end of the logical disc, after any existing material.


    Lost recordings of my wife and son

    Posted by Eric Woudenberg on 5/16/2000, 10:16 am

    I had a disc full of recordings of conversations with my wife and young son. In a hurry to make a new recording I forgot to push END SEARCH, erasing my earliest and most precious recordings!

    End Search

    Posted by Mattias Bergsten on 5/16/2000, 10:17 am

    ..is good for some purposes, but mostly a pain.

    Lost recordings

    Posted by Luca Somazzi on 5/16/2000, 10:29 am

    I've lost important live recordings due to this "feature".

    Boneheaded button

    Posted by Simon Barnes on 5/16/2000, 10:48 am

    Surely a point must come where the face lost by implicitly admitting that a mistake was made, by removing the "feature", is less than the face lost by persevering in the error when it's obvious to most people that's the only plausible reason for keeping it ?

    An useless function

    Posted by Gautier JEANMOUGIN on 5/16/2000, 11:08 am

    This END SEARCH function is useless. All other Sony products excepts portables recorders and all other MD brands have automatic end search.
    Moreover, it happens sometimes that you forget to press END SEARCH before recording so you overwrite on recorded material. If you notice that too late, you have to re-record the whole tracks. And you are very irritated.
    So, removing the manual end search function should be a thing to consider seriously.

    Losing Live Recordings

    Posted by Ed Heckman on 5/16/2000, 2:00 pm

    I bought my MiniDisc recorder so I could make high quality records of my live performances. In other words, performances that cannot be repeated exactly. I don't usually play full concerts, just individual pieces here and there. Because of the manual end search fiasco I've lost several recordings that can never be replaced.

    So it doesn't make sense to use a new disc to record just 5 minutes then set it aside. Yet this is exactly what I need to do to make sure I don't lose a recording. (Since I'm not running on the unit, I can't count on the user to remember, or even know about, the end search button.)

    lost and damaged recordings

    Posted by Jim Coon on 5/16/2000, 8:08 pm

    Since the portable doesn't work the same as my Sony home deck, the stupid END SEARCH button has cost me more than one recording. Please get rid of it or modify it so if you push RECORD, it automatically records at the end of tracks already recorded. To record over existing material, have it set up so you play to the point, press PAUSE and then RECORD. THen it would work just like it's big brother, the home deck.

    Lose the end search

    Posted by Jason Lynch on 5/16/2000, 10:46 pm

    Simply a nuisance and a pointless "feature".

    End End Search

    Posted by Richard Lang on 5/16/2000, 11:03 pm

    "End Search" is simply inexplicable.

    Overwrote Valuable Recordings

    Posted by Mark J. Linkhorst on 5/16/2000, 11:48 pm


    Listen up! This End Search is useless. Get rid of it please! Sharp has you beat until you lose the End Search button and mis"feature".


    Mark J. Linkhorst

    PS Don't stop making MDs, just lose the darn button!

    Ruins long recording sessions

    Posted by D. Frakes on 5/17/2000, 2:48 am

    You spend an afternoon making mix MDs. You decide to check on your recording. You then proceed to add more tracks... right in the middle of the disk you just spent hours working on.

    Lost start of recording

    Posted by Martin Clinton on 5/17/2000, 6:04 am

    I have over a period of time made several compilations of 12" vinyl singles. One day I put a disc in to record a new single I had bought and started recording....about 20 seconds in, I remembered - AAAAGH! I Forgot to press 'End Search'!! So I lost the intro to the first single (which I no longer had!) on the disc.

    End Search

    Posted by Michael Stouffs on 5/17/2000, 2:13 pm

    Is there even one single positive use for this button? Except accidentally erasing parts of my MD's on my MZ-R30, i couldn't find anything useful to it.

    Lost Sales

    Posted by Paul McCombs on 5/18/2000, 12:23 am

    I considered and rejected buying Portable Sony Minidisc Recorders because of the manual end search feature.

    Sharp and Kenwood have my business in the past and until this mis-feature gets corrected.

    End search? No thanks.

    Posted by Byron Barry on 5/19/2000, 8:30 pm

    This is a RANDOM ACCESS format - having to press END SEARCH is like having to fast foward to the blank spot on a TAPE. (Perhaps a little faster, but the destructive potential is there.)



    Posted by Owen Terry on 5/19/2000, 8:36 pm


    Should be an easy fix.

    Posted by Randy Phillips on 5/19/2000, 8:57 pm

    Thanks for your consideration.

    I'm sick of it

    Posted by Steve Just on 5/19/2000, 9:06 pm

    It annoys the hell out of me, i've had to re-record to many things because of this stupid button.

    Lost Parents' Conversation

    Posted by Tony Stillwell on 5/19/2000, 9:35 pm

    My parents visited from England last week, and I fell foul of the End Search function on MZ-R30 when I failed to press the infamous button and lost a hilarious and informative conversation over dinner. They are always the most talkative when they have just arrived. I don't know how many opportunities I will have to save their voices, since they are becoming elderly and they live so far away.
    I had just a week before bought a Sharp portable MD recorder for my wife, with a view to her recording her mother (she has just lost her father). Ironically, I had already discounted getting a Sony for her because of the End Search button, which had been annoying for me in the past.
    Hat's off to Sony if they listen to these messages to get rid of the Button, since they might be in danger of designing the perfect MD recorder after all.

    Tony Stillwell

    Why not?

    Posted by ILWOONG PYO on 5/19/2000, 9:39 pm

    to sony

    please admition our petition!!

    What they said.

    Posted by Glen Wintringham on 5/19/2000, 9:48 pm

    It serves no function other than to induce paranoia. I haven't lost a recording yet, but it's only a matter of time really.

    remove it!

    Posted by CHUSEONG(ERIC) BANG on 5/19/2000, 9:51 pm

    It is useless obiously.
    and sony mdrs must be easier to use.

    Dump the End Search Button!

    Posted by The Sound Production on 5/19/2000, 9:51 pm

    I have been a Minidisc user for over 7 years since the days of the MZ-1. Who came up with this stupid End Search button? Camcorders don't rewind to the beginning everytime you start a new recording. Nobody would buy them if they did! The original MZ-1 portable didn't have an End Search button but now every portable Minidisc recorder made since does. Why why why?

    I too have lost various recordings over the years because of the dumb "feature". Now, I ALWAYS record on a home deck (MDS-101) primarily to avoid losing any previous recordings on a disc.

    Come on Sony, you guys make some of the best electronic stuff there is. Don't kill Minidisc again with this completely useless and annoying button.

    The Sound Production

    Sony needs a course on ergonomics

    Posted by Jeff Laun on 5/19/2000, 9:51 pm

    Please do some real QA on the use of your products
    before releasing new products. This requirement to press
    end search is a great example of a unit that was never tested
    as no-one in there right mind would put up with such a design

    End Search

    Posted by Capital ZH on 5/19/2000, 10:20 pm

    go out!

    No Manual End Search

    Posted by R Barrotth on 5/19/2000, 10:27 pm

    The portables should be the same as your other products. Too confusing!


    Posted by Memout on 5/19/2000, 10:40 pm

    well um.....i've only experienced this problem only once....for the other times i just don't forget...i REMEMBER to push the button
    and for those of you who forgot...then you guys need to smarten up and remember to push it u dumb idiots!

    End search has no real use

    Posted by Michael Moore on 5/19/2000, 10:42 pm

    I've yet to determine any situation which might require the use of an end-search feature. All it has ever done for me is ruin recordings and miss opportunities. Come on Sony, make the change.

    ive lost a few tracks .i realy dont see the advantage of the button

    Posted by will on 5/19/2000, 10:54 pm

    ive had my mzr 90 for about a month now and screwed about 5 recordings

    numerous accidental erasures

    Posted by Brian Youn on 5/19/2000, 11:24 pm

    There are a number of instances in which the record slider has accidentally been hit, starting a new recording over older material, erasing valuable material. If there was no END SEARCH button, then this would not be a worry, but the button (or the need for it) really serves no useful purpose.

    This is why I never bought a Sony MD

    Posted by Sylvester Ip on 5/19/2000, 11:33 pm

    This has been the sole reason I never bought a Sony MD portable recorder, because I found that it would have been way too much of a hassle and not logical to have to push a button to to end search, it's ridiculous causes headaches and will save the company money if you just took out the button, I'll buy the MZR-100 or whatever new recording model u have in line up if u take that button out, and i'm sure alot more people will too

    Why I never bought a SONY recorder..

    Posted by Eric Murakami on 5/19/2000, 11:55 pm

    Hi, I have a sony md player but I refuse to buy a sony md recorder until they drop the end search button. When I want to record I just want to press record and not have to worry about deleteing something I've already recorded.

    Hopefully SONY will get a clue someday.


    End Search: It Sucks.

    Posted by Mike Worrell on 5/20/2000, 12:08 am

    It sucks. Drop it.

    I Love Sony, but I Bought a Sharp

    Posted by Gus Silber on 5/20/2000, 12:09 am

    As much as I love Sony products, (my first MiniDisc recorder was an MZR-50), I bought a Sharp MS722 specifically because it is easier, more instinctive, and more logical to record with than a Sony. Reason? No "End Search" button. get rid of it, Sony. Now.

    [It's font KOREA] I'm not want end search.

    Posted by Sang Baek Kim (shark) on 5/20/2000, 12:11 am

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    �̷��� �������̸� ���� �����...
    PS:Sorry. I'm not well ENGLISH

    Everything good, exept that button..

    Posted by Yong-Tae Kim on 5/20/2000, 12:34 am

    I bought a L7R, because of that single button

    End search REALLY SUX

    Posted by c. Jin on 5/20/2000, 12:38 am

    I wish SONY's new MD product would get rid off the end search...
    Because the End search is just too annoying...

    I am a SONY lover... unlike the other brand,,,
    SONY should use automatic instead of end search


    it sux (nT)

    Posted by Sam Whitman on 5/20/2000, 12:54 am


    Give and End to End Search

    Posted by Daniel Gil on 5/20/2000, 1:03 am

    First of all, the name of this button is meaningless ! ... i was not searching for anything ! I just want to record my music!
    If i wanted to erase anything, I would have done it before any new recording!
    Please... Give an end to end search!


    Posted by DANNY TRAN on 5/20/2000, 1:10 am

    A Petition Asking Sony to Remove the MANUAL END SEARCH Function
    from its Portable Minidisc Recorders and Offer AUTOMATIC END SEARCH Instead

    To: Sony Electronics Corporation
    Portable Minidisc Division
    Tokyo, Japan

    Sony Electronics USA
    Portable Electronics Division
    Park Ridge, New Jersey

    From: The Community of MiniDisc Users on the Web

    Dear Sony MiniDisc Designers,

    Without a doubt, Sony is the backbone of the MD format. Our petition seeks a change to the Sony portable MD recorder user interface for the
    betterment of all MD users. It is not our intention to cause general trouble or engage in ad hominem harassment of Sony.

    On behalf of all Sony MiniDisc users, we kindly ask that you heed our petition, as follows:

    Sony portable Minidisc recorders require that users manually push an "END SEARCH" button in order to have a new recording placed
    after existing material on the Minidisc, and

    Often in the hectic moments before starting a recording it is easy to forget this crucial step, leading to a loss of precious material, and

    Other Sony Minidisc equipment (decks, bookshelf systems, boomboxes, pro-equipment) and other manufacturers' Minidisc equipment
    feature an Automatic End Search function that always places new recordings after existing material, and

    Minidisc is an inherently random access medium, with a Table of Contents directory and an embedded computer that makes automatically
    positioning to the end of existing material a natural and straightforward task, and

    The MANUAL END SEARCH function only serves to complicate the user interface of MD portables with no added benefit,

    kindly request that Sony henceforth remove the MANUAL END SEARCH function from its portable recorders and adhere to the convention
    followed by all other Minidisc equipment makers of providing AUTOMATIC END SEARCH that (by default) places newly recorded material
    at the end of the logical disc, after any existing material.

    End Search

    Posted by Adrian Cheong on 5/20/2000, 1:17 am

    A hopelessly superfluous 'function' that has caused more lost recordings than I care to mention. Why don't the portables mimic the home decks where End Search isn't the default setting?

    end search

    Posted by Jung Geun-Yoo on 5/20/2000, 1:21 am


    Keep END SEARCH!

    Posted by Kevin Po on 5/20/2000, 1:47 am

    If you forget to hit the button it's your problem. The "end search" button gives me far more flexibility... it's easier to overwrite crap

    End Search is pointless & counterproductive

    Posted by Gary Bingner on 5/20/2000, 2:01 am

    Don't get me wrong. Sony MD products are awesome. I love the format. But I've never understood the necessity of End Search. NO OTHER MD MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD includes it. All other non-portable Sony MD recorders eschew it. Hey, there are other easy ways to override unwanted recordings.

    If someone could at least EXPLAIN what compelled you, Sony, to add this "non-feature", I'd at least TRY to understand. What the heck, forget the explanation. Let's just dump it, shall we?

    Thank you. And keep up the otherwise great work.


    Make it a option

    Posted by kelvin on 5/20/2000, 2:17 am

    Well, the end search button has it's pros and cons. From the arguments I think the best way is to have it as a option that can be turned on or off from the menu. And as for the extra button it could double as the stop button. So must press stop once to stop the unit from playing then press stop again to do end search. If the option is off then just record with out doing the stop button thing. This gives people the flexibility of the end search (or not).


    Please remove manual end search

    Posted by Mohit Goyal on 5/20/2000, 2:26 am

    Please remove manual end search

    Failuer of course !!Are you dumb or what??

    Posted by Pete on 5/20/2000, 3:00 am

    I thought Sony has the smartest people. I know now I'm wrong !!...... I don't really see the point of end search!!! I lost my important lecture just coz of that stupid END SEARCH button !! I have to retake the course all over again!!

    A redundant function

    Posted by Simon Wilson on 5/20/2000, 3:27 am

    I do prefer the Sony MiniDisc models to others, which is why I've returned to Sony after using Aiwa models. I do however detest having to press "end search" before recording, especially after using a unit that moves to the blank space on the disc automatically. With non-linear recording, why bother with end search? It makes me think that you're trying too hard to make MiniDisc "feel" like cassette by having to wind to the end before you can record.

    What's the point?

    Posted by Irving Liaw on 5/20/2000, 4:35 am

    I've been a Sony supporter for ages and this must be the most redundant function they've put in. Further to this, the inability to charge the set during play back puts us behind them Sharp sets. Else we're suppose to be the Superior ones!! So pls do justice to a Sony!!

    It's a Sony... FOREVER!!

    Make It Automatic Please

    Posted by Paul Kristoff on 5/20/2000, 4:45 am


    End Search must end

    Posted by Reuel Lubag on 5/20/2000, 4:49 am

    The end search function should not exist. Your main competitor Sharp, doesn't require this feature because they automatically start recording after all previous material. I am considering making my next purchases Sharp products for this very reason.

    I don't want "end search"

    Posted by Yves on 5/20/2000, 5:14 am

    Nothing else !

    Reason not to buy Sony

    Posted by Nick Day on 5/20/2000, 5:39 am

    The End Search requirement is my main reason for not buying Sony MD recorders; it makes it too easy to lose existing recordings.

    End Search

    Posted by Ugelstad, Per on 5/20/2000, 5:53 am

    I`m a heavy duty user of Sony equiment, both proffessional and consumertype MD recorders. After 3 years use , my only serious complain is the end searh button of the MZ-R 30.

    End Search

    Posted by David Ampaw on 5/20/2000, 6:01 am

    End search is absolutely useless and has caused much grief in my MiniDisc use. When is the Sony MR100 (or whatever) coming out? Since until then, me and many others will continue to buy Sharp/Aiwa etc because of this annoying little function.
    Please listen up Sony!!

    Can go

    Posted by Philip De Jonghe on 5/20/2000, 6:08 am

    Another thing to keep in mind when making recordings while the logic is there to do it for us. The End Search button can go.

    end search kept me from buying a Sony portable

    Posted by Olaf B�decker on 5/20/2000, 6:11 am

    When I had to decide between the Sharp 831 and the Sony MZ-R 90, I opted in favour of the Sharp just because it doesn't have the useless end search button. As I usually buy the latest model every year or so, you should get rid of end search in case you want me to buy the next generation Sony porti recorder, which I would love to do.

    Lost Recordings

    Posted by Desmond Ng on 5/20/2000, 6:56 am

    I had lost some of my precious songs after i forgot to press the end search before recording!!

    be competitive

    Posted by ted ching on 5/20/2000, 7:05 am

    sharp doesn't use end search.. and its MUCH better. get with the program sony


    Posted by Ferry Heibrink on 5/20/2000, 7:20 am

    The end search button destoyed one of my favourite songs because when I grabbed my MD PORTABLE out of my pocket the record slider activated a recording over my favourite 1st track of my MD. It was a number I recorded in Germany and now the 1st 10 seconds are gone.

    Annoys me

    Posted by Will Smith on 5/20/2000, 7:22 am

    A very annoying feature, often hit it when the player (mzr-90) is in my pocket. Then I have to start from the beginning again....


    WHY SONY ?

    Posted by ALY ABUBACAR on 5/20/2000, 7:32 am


    Remove end search

    Posted by Niklas Johansson on 5/20/2000, 8:22 am

    As stated in a previous message, the end search is a reason not to buy a Sony MD-Portable.


    Posted by Blas on 5/20/2000, 8:42 am

    El boton de END SEARCH es un anacronismo en una m�quina tan avanzada como el MZ-R55

    End Search/Headphone Volume/Display Backlight

    Posted by Jay Kirk on 5/20/2000, 8:50 am

    Endsearch: Lose it

    Headphone Volume: Improve it.

    Display Backlight: Add it.

    and while I have your attention Make MD audio and MD data compatable so we can store and play MP3/etc. right from our future MZR-xx Md units.
    A portable MD drive that decodes MP3 ( or other formats) but will also work as a normal ATRAC MD recorder/player and you could use it to back up files or act as a super floppy.

    Re: Keep END SEARCH!

    Posted by Andy on 5/20/2000, 9:13 am , in reply to "Keep END SEARCH!"

    I agree.

    End Search Button

    Posted by Bjoern on 5/20/2000, 9:26 am

    You�re right, the End Search Button should be replaced by an Auto End Search. I�ve lost enough
    important recordings because of that button.

    -Bjoern Starke

    Just say no to end search

    Posted by Edward Foster on 5/20/2000, 10:02 am

    Love Sony, but ahd to buy an Aiwa instead. Sony, you are killing your own market. please reconcider this option.

    Get Rid of End Search

    Posted by Tao Pan on 5/20/2000, 10:22 am

    The "End Search" is a really unecessary "feature" for the portable. No Sony decks or other brand portables have this feature. It is not just useless but causes the loss of precious recording in many cases. I almost my recording once and the other time I was able to recover the loss by removing the battering thus avoiding TOC update. Since then I seldom use SONY portables for recording.

    Getting rid of the End Search will win back a lot MD users, both old and new. Keeping this "feature" will lose more SONY users.

    What a damn function!

    Posted by Jong-Won, Kim on 5/20/2000, 10:26 am

    I had ruined many recordings because of end search :-(

    ........................ Let's get rid of damn End Search!

    (..Now I'm using a sharp-mdr)

    Kill it-_-+

    Posted by Jae-Kyum Kim. on 5/20/2000, 10:37 am

    Just, I wonder why SONY made such a function.
    (Maybe I'm a sony freak?-_-


    Posted by J Zorro on 5/20/2000, 10:53 am

    I think the end search function is good if you want to start recording not at the end of the MD, but at a spot you choose.


    END SEARCH.....

    Posted by Yi-young, Chang on 5/20/2000, 10:54 am

    This is the one important thing that makes SONY's recording interface really annoying. All the other companies' Minidisc recorders are even more functional and easier than SONY's.
    You really should get rid of that END SEARCH...

    Sony end search

    Posted by Robin Rushton on 5/20/2000, 11:38 am

    An ergonomic and unnecessary nuisance

    REMOVE ME Please

    Posted by End Search on 5/20/2000, 11:46 am

    i hate myself

    Studio recording lost !

    Posted by Ian P.Heitmans on 5/20/2000, 11:47 am

    As a singer of a dutch electronic pop band we make recordings on MD often. On several occasions I lost recordings of previous nights by forgetting to select end search first.

    A big hassle...

    Posted by Mikey Milker on 5/20/2000, 12:29 pm

    Sony portables are usually my favorite, yet the idea of your 'End Search' function just drives me crazy. I've never had so much trouble recording or destroying music because of one "feature," please remove it from future models!


    Posted by Oh youn Ha on 5/20/2000, 12:30 pm

    i do not english..

    just a little bit.. Because i'm korean.(sorry poor my english)

    i agree ..

    End search button remove...

    r u ok?

    bye bye~

    yes please.....

    Posted by @l@n Li on 5/20/2000, 12:37 pm

    Although I have got used to it and press it everytime now, it has in teh past erased some music I wanted. But if there was no End Search life would be so much easier

    Remove for the sake of the petition

    Posted by Carl on 5/20/2000, 12:42 pm , in reply to "yes please....."

    I like the end search button : )
    But remove it anyway :D

    End Search function

    Posted by Sky on 5/20/2000, 12:47 pm

    My MD walkman will be very helpful if the end search botten is automatic and not manual,because
    sometimes people forget to press the end search key(which alot of people had done many times before).That makes the MD recording so much easiler for people like me haha..........

    End Search.

    Posted by Max Waterman on 5/20/2000, 1:06 pm

    Please remove it.

    end search

    Posted by lee ki-won on 5/20/2000, 1:31 pm

    no end search

    The END of End Search...please!

    Posted by Justin Quon on 5/20/2000, 1:36 pm

    The function has got to go...there's been too many times that I've forgotten to push it...there's times that I get sick of having to push it. If there is one thing that I truly like better on the sharp MD recorders (i've had a sharp 702, 722), it's that they start recording where the last track had ended..automatically. Sony, I love your recorders too (i have an r50, and an r91), but the END of "end search" must be here.

    Justin Quon


    Posted by Michael Goolsby on 5/20/2000, 2:15 pm

    I've always hated END SEARCH. Why does it exist?

    get rid of it!

    Posted by Erik Andrews on 5/20/2000, 2:42 pm

    All the end search button does is complicate things, and the best thing about MD is its simplicity! Please Sony, get rid of it or i will buy Aiwa or sharp!

    4 Years ago ok... but still using the manual end search... OH MY G**:)

    Posted by Martijn Morrien on 5/20/2000, 2:50 pm

    4 Years ago ok... but still using the manual end search... OH MY G**

    and why arent there the same editing capabilities?
    Like searching frame by frame before dividing!!???!!!


    Take out the button!

    Posted by James on 5/20/2000, 2:53 pm

    It's useless and dumb!

    end search and lion battery

    Posted by Cong Ying Huang on 5/20/2000, 2:56 pm

    please drop the end search and supplis the lion battery. It is the main reason for me to choose Sharp.

    END of Search-Suxxx!!!

    Posted by G-SHOCK on 5/20/2000, 3:00 pm

    I hate this funcnion!Sometimes I forget to push IT and delete my old music!!!Nobody (Sharp,Panasonic e.t.c.) uses this function,but SONY use:-(((

    Agree (Replace manual END SEARCH for an automatic one)

    Posted by John Jairo Corrales on 5/20/2000, 3:08 pm

    Additional to the general asking, in my particular case (I hope it�ll be the same in other people) for editing music or portable equipment, it�ll be usefull to add the REHEARSAL fuction while in DIVIDE mode.

    Thanks for your attention.

    End End Search

    Posted by Russ Goerend on 5/20/2000, 3:16 pm

    I own a bookshelf Sony Recorder and a portable. I love my bookshelf. and my portable is great. But the endsearch is just annoying.

    Lose the END SEARCH

    Posted by Robert Thomas on 5/20/2000, 4:14 pm

    It's the primary reason I'm going back to Sharp--that and the lack of ability to adjust recording volume during recording

    Please lose the End Search Function

    Posted by Andy Taylor on 5/20/2000, 4:35 pm

    Why do you have to press the End Search button before recording a new track on a portable MiniDisc But not on any other type of recorder (full-size, midi etc.)?

    None of the other manufacturers have it, so why Sony?

    End Search

    Posted by Bryan Ferranti on 5/20/2000, 4:36 pm


    start working on features

    Posted by Jeffrey Lan on 5/20/2000, 4:42 pm

    i bought a sony MD walkman in 1998 (an MZ-R50, which has since been replaced by an MZ-R70 since it broke) due to Sony ATRAC's better codec. i was, however, tempted to buy a sharp portable because of its features, such as slot-in loading, on-the-fly manual recording levels, and automatic end search. although i am quite happy with my R70's sound quality (i fooled several audiophiles into thinking they were listening to a CD) and small size (i.e. my MP3-player owning friends are jealous of its size!, I still wish for some more convenient features. thank you for taking this into consideration.

    End the end search

    Posted by Sebastiao R. Lima on 5/20/2000, 4:45 pm

    Quit it!

    Good Idea....

    Posted by Nate on 5/20/2000, 4:47 pm



    Posted by Adam Ma on 5/20/2000, 4:55 pm

    No more please!

    Please fix!

    Posted by Alan Bradburne on 5/20/2000, 5:14 pm

    I've never understood why my (numerous) Sony recorders have done this. Please make it automatic!

    end search

    Posted by mark stringr on 5/20/2000, 5:43 pm

    i don't use sony and end search is one the reasons.

    Make MD Perfect

    Posted by Thierry J. Braham on 5/20/2000, 5:47 pm

    I was an early adopter of MD, purchasing my first recorder (MZ-1) in early 1993. I bought it the minute it was available in the NYC area. The also have a MZ-R30 recorder, and I agree lose the end search button. It is useless and adds to customer confusion. I have only bought Sony MD players/recorders to this point (7 in all), and have recommended to others. Silly functions like this do not encourage me to continue recommending Sony, especially when there are many more equally competent equipment on the market these days.

    Love Sony but hate "end search"

    Posted by Timothy Stockman on 5/20/2000, 6:08 pm

    I am a devoted Sony MD user. I have a MDS-JE520, MDS-PC2, MZ-EP11, MZ-R70 and 3 MDX65 changers. The "end search" mis-feature was the major reason I considered a JVC before buying the MZ-R70. If not for "end search", purchasing the MZ-R70 would have been a no-brainer.

    Please make it automatic

    Posted by Andrew Abernathy on 5/20/2000, 6:12 pm

    (and please change the petition to allow empty subject and message - I don't have anything to add, I just want to sign the thing.)

    Please remove the "End Search" Function

    Posted by Jerry Chan on 5/20/2000, 6:46 pm

    I have a have a Sony Portable MD recorder for about 3 months now and I have already lost 4 recordings due to forgetting to put the "End Search" Button.

    Sony, please remove this extra step to help MD users over the world

    Thank You

    End-End Search

    Posted by Kingsley Smith on 5/20/2000, 6:48 pm

    This silly feature makes people buy sharp,aiwa, panasonic etc... Rather than SONY
    Sony are the best apart from the "End Search" button.

    Kingsley Smith

    End Search is a HUGE hassle

    Posted by Kevin Lec on 5/20/2000, 6:52 pm

    I think that End Search is a generally out of place function to most people. However, it does serve a purpose, contrary to what some may believe. Those of us who may use our minidisc recorder/players as mixers, record certain material into tracks or insert them into a song. For general minidisc recording, however, End Search only proves to be a hassle. I strongly recommend that Sony Designers make it so that End Search is an option -- not a mandatory button that one must manually push in order to start recording. I feel that it would help minidisc enthusiasts everywhere and I can almost guarantee that sales WILL go up. Thank you.

    The sole reason why I bought an AIWA

    Posted by Wan-hao Wang on 5/20/2000, 7:07 pm

    I bought an AIWA AMF70 because I could not stand The Button.

    New functions, new gap....

    Posted by Octavio N. Vicco on 5/20/2000, 7:39 pm

    Instead of it (the end search), should try new functions, making these new options another reason why people would be willing to buy your products, stay away from the competition!

    End search

    Posted by Mathieu Archambault on 5/20/2000, 7:43 pm

    I feel pushing this button each time I record on my MZ-R90 is useless and pointless. If I have to push this button every time systematicaly then it is logic to put an auto end search fuction and therefore maybe save a lot of precious audio material.


    End Search Petition

    Posted by Rod Verette on 5/20/2000, 7:56 pm

    I can only strive to reiterate other's feelings regarding this issue. Abolish the end search button and immediately offer a menu item allowing the bypass of an automatic eand search.

    Thank you.


    Remove end search

    Posted by Doug Mandell on 5/20/2000, 8:13 pm

    I will gladly sign this petition because end-search serves no useful purpose on the MD medium. For the above stated reasons, end search is a problem for me, and has me looking at a Sharp for my next recorder.


    Doug Mandell

    It's not necessary

    Posted by Oliver Farrens on 5/20/2000, 10:27 pm

    .......I don't see why the end search have to be included on a portable, why???

    elimination of the "End Search" button

    Posted by Reg Smith on 5/20/2000, 10:47 pm

    Dear SONY (to whom it may concern):

    I have been a loyal Sony user for over 40 years, and an enlightened MiniDisc fan and daily MD user since December 16th, 1992.

    Along with my many fellow MD users on this petition, I respectfully recommend that SONY delete the END SEARCH button from all portable MD recorders, and replace that function with an automatic end search.

    The clumsy end search button is the only reason I bought my most recent machine from a competitor - Sharp - who have the good sense to do this a better way - assuming that users do not want to overwrite music they already have recorded to the disc.

    Sincerely, Reg Smith
    (supporting MD format in the Fall/Winter 1999 SONY STYLE MAGAZINE, p.33)

    Experienced user still forgets and ruins recordings

    Posted by Renard DellaFave on 5/21/2000, 12:42 am

    I have been using MD equipment for over 2 years now, having bought 7 slots worth of gear (6 from Sony including 4 portables and 3 portable recorders), use it extensively, and am technically savvy (incl. a BSEE).

    I still forget to use End Search all the time, and almost always LOSE MUSIC because of it, generally the first few seconds of whatever disc I want to add new tracks to the end of.

    The feature makes no sense. MD is not cassette, isn't linear, and the idea of defaulting to overwriting existing material is simply a poor interface design decision, as all other mfgrs and the Sony MD deck division seem to have realized, if the idea of a useless, dangerous, and completely un-intuitive "end search" function ever occured to them at all.

    Please, get rid of it.

    Posted by sony fan on 5/21/2000, 12:58 am

    Sony portable MD recorders are very good already ,just get rid of damn end search. It has killed so many of my discs before and it is totally useless.

    Remove end disk search

    Posted by Jim Garbern on 5/21/2000, 1:01 am

    And while you're at it, please add a recording volume control to the remote.

    remove end search

    Posted by Warren Bowman on 5/21/2000, 1:07 am

    Please remove end search

    Re: Not in English? Then why write?

    Posted by Native Speaker of English on 5/21/2000, 1:34 am , in reply to "Re: Not in English? Then why write?"

    I know English (am U.S. born) but SHARK doesn't. However, he has the right
    to vote in his own language. The Internet is for everyone.
    English must not be a requirement for participation. All
    languages of the world deserve respect, even though for
    practical reasons English is more useful right now. Use
    the Korean language and be comfortable with it, proud even.
    I guess we need more automated universal translation programs.
    Let Sony hire someone who knows Korean to translate this message.

    please pleas make us convenient

    Posted by ho seok Lee on 5/21/2000, 1:55 am



    Posted by Dave on 5/21/2000, 2:06 am

    just kidding. please no mo' button.

    Very inconvenient

    Posted by Mac Dekker on 5/21/2000, 3:38 am

    Please remove this illogica feature from what otherwise is a excellent product range

    Manual end search

    Posted by Mats Wallis on 5/21/2000, 4:03 am


    Drop end search next model

    Posted by Shan on 5/21/2000, 4:15 am

    Dear Sony,
    Although i don't own any sony portable recorder, I sincerely request you to drop the end search. It it totally agonizing sony users.
    So, please react something..Sony..!


    Posted by �q on 5/21/2000, 4:28 am

    END SEARCH �{�^���͂ƂĂ��s�ւˁB�B
    �^���̑O���߂ɁB�BEND SEARCH �{�^���������B�B�ł����X�B�Y���ˁB
    �\�j�[�B�BEND SEARCH �{�^���������ĉ������B

    I like end-search

    Posted by B�la V�gh on 5/21/2000, 4:39 am

    By manually setting the place of the start of a recording, I feel more control over the whole process. I like this function, it would bother me more if the machine makes this decision on my behalf.
    I've never used other than my 2-week-old MZR90, but if you cannot learn how to use it......., you shouldn't buy a Sony.

    Drop End Search

    Posted by Christoph Berger on 5/21/2000, 5:51 am

    Adds a useless step when recording

    Re: I like end-search

    Posted by Kingsley Smith on 5/21/2000, 6:05 am , in reply to "I like end-search"

    I can see it's uses, but there should be a auto setting in the menu, as well as keeping the "E-S" button.

    A contiuous recording setting would be more useful for reporters, interviews etc..

    Please fix it!!!

    Posted by Shane Lord on 5/21/2000, 6:13 am

    I don't want you to remove the end-search button as it can be useful, but please make the units default to recording at the end of the last track!

    End Manual End search

    Posted by Russell Macdonald on 5/21/2000, 6:41 am

    This is a pain, please remove

    end search

    Posted by kim moohyun on 5/21/2000, 7:42 am

    End search - oh! no..

    not necessary and from yesterday

    Posted by Dominik Zumstein on 5/21/2000, 7:58 am

    it is not userfriendly and not necessary in point of a technichel view

    Adios, end search

    Posted by Bob Wall on 5/21/2000, 8:00 am

    Hopefully it's outta there.

    Get rid of it!!!! It makes interviewing af b###h.

    Posted by Thomas Rasmussen on 5/21/2000, 8:42 am


    Make it Auto

    Posted by Richard M. Zabriskie on 5/21/2000, 10:01 am

    I Love "SONY"... I have Every Sony MD-Walkman Recoder Ever Made & In Every Color... Also A Lot of Players and Other Sony Items as DAT's DVD's
    Music Clip, Memory Stick Walkmans... Just Everything Sony makes...
    Sony is the Best. And MD is the Best... Please Make the End Search "Auto"
    Thank You... Richard M. Zabriskie


    Posted by Hong-Nam Kim on 5/21/2000, 11:39 am

    end search... D.I.E


    /Remove manual end search

    Posted by William Taylor on 5/21/2000, 11:39 am

    Manual end search in conjunction with a fault in my MZR3 where it is liable to reset at any time a t random, means that I have to be increadibly careful to end search before recording. I've already lost stuff because of this. Record from pause should record from current position whereas record from stop should default to end of disk.
    Another thing I find extreemly annoying about my Sony portable is its refusal to remember the state of auto/manual record level setting and the setting of the level itself. Also mono/sterio.
    These have to be re configured each and every time I go to press record. It's really bad logic and makes me recall fondly the switches and pots concept we all loved in cassette recorders.
    Cheers: Will

    End search

    Posted by Bill Sturrock on 5/21/2000, 12:47 pm

    Ergonomics...ergonomics...ergonomics. QED.

    automate end search

    Posted by tommi on 5/21/2000, 1:15 pm

    automate end search

    lost recorded sessions

    Posted by Heinz on 5/21/2000, 1:17 pm

    i'm a drummer. when i want to record a session for example and i forget to press end search (that had happened sometimes before) i overwrite songs i never can get twice!!!!!!!!!

    Please remove this button and add automatical end search!!

    Many many thanks!!

    NO MORE End Search !!!

    Posted by Petru on 5/21/2000, 1:46 pm

    This is an unusefull, and time consuming thing...
    I use md to record lectures, and if i had a sony portable i would have surely erased some of my things - by forgetting to press the STUPID end search button.

    Please remove

    Posted by Patrick Reiner on 5/21/2000, 2:35 pm

    I agree to the removement of end search


    Auto "End search" please

    Posted by Magnus Johansson on 5/21/2000, 3:00 pm

    Auto "End search" please

    It's annoying me

    Posted by Brendan McNulty on 5/21/2000, 3:25 pm

    My first MD player is a MZ-R70, and it took me a long time to figure the thing out with "End Search". I never do RTFM....

    End search - NO PASARAN !!!

    Posted by Mikhail Perfilov on 5/21/2000, 4:01 pm

    Please, remove End Search key !!!
    It will keep me away from accidental erase of my music.

    Mikhail Perfilov, Moscow, Russia

    Manual End Search

    Posted by Ofer J. Fuchs on 5/21/2000, 5:03 pm

    I would like to add my name to list of people sening in this petition requesting Sony Corporation to get rid of the annoying manual "End Search" button on all portable minidisc recorders.

    i agree, it IS illogical

    Posted by Billy Hetherington on 5/21/2000, 5:39 pm

    im not THAT bothered by the end search; however, in light of the testimonies of others and in light of other equipment which doesnt contain this feature , it does seem illogical for it to be in place.

    Appraise Your Customers

    Posted by Zachary Norman on 5/21/2000, 6:11 pm

    It's a feature that can be improved.

    Why not make this an option saved in something like CMOS?

    Posted by Jim Morgan on 5/21/2000, 6:49 pm

    I've never lost any recordings, but I must hit End Search like 4 times before actually recording on a disc that already has something on it.

    Think about how the average consumer would react to this...one mistake and they would say 'That really sucks'. The only reason why this feature was not canned long ago is because the average MD user is a tekky, and as such is willing to overlook even horrible features like this to get the other good stuff on the unit.

    I think the time has come for Sony to allow user settings that are saved in a CMOS-like way for whether the user would like to use End Search, or to have the recorder behave the way every other one on the planet does (including Sony home decks!).

    While I'm at it, could we also store an option for the default display? Why in the world would anyone want to see the track time count UP instead of DOWN??

    I agree!!!

    Posted by Lars Hoyer on 5/21/2000, 6:57 pm

    starmarket rules..

    End Manual "End Search"

    Posted by Jeff Hegedus on 5/21/2000, 7:23 pm

    It's strange that Sony, a company known for its user interfaces, could miss the boat by such a wide margin with its stupid manual "End Search" requirement.


    Posted by Kelvin Wong on 5/21/2000, 7:28 pm

    you don't know how much stuff I have lost doing this...totally agree.

    End the manual end search

    Posted by Ivan Gepner on 5/21/2000, 7:52 pm

    I agree with the text of this petition - having lost recordings because I neglected to hit end search before recording - I would like this function to be automated in the next model.


    Posted by Bede Lee on 5/21/2000, 8:18 pm


    End Search

    Posted by Adam C. Lawrence on 5/21/2000, 8:30 pm

    Lose it, it's unnecessary in your otherwise-fine products!

    Many Lost Hours of Time

    Posted by Alexander Cohen on 5/21/2000, 8:31 pm

    I've lost many hours re-recording mixes because I forgot to hit the End Insanity Button and overwrote the middle of a song...

    End Search

    Posted by Adam Fox on 5/21/2000, 8:49 pm

    I borrowed my friend's r55 to record some live songs at a local concert right after my recording from a Bosstones concert that i had gotten earlier (I'm a big fan of them) and, being unfamiliar with sony's, forgot to press end search, losing something irreplaceable.

    End to the end search

    Posted by Alex Anton on 5/21/2000, 9:35 pm

    Please drop the end search and I'll reconsider again buying Sony portables.


    Please bring a quick end to "end search"

    Posted by Brad "MD" Kaufman, MD on 5/21/2000, 10:49 pm

    While in my old age I forget to hit the "end search" button less and less often, I have ruined several priceless live recordings when trying to add on a new recording to a previously-used live minidisc recordings.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove the "end search" function from the portable minidisc recorders!

    I hope to continue to be a loyal Sony (Sony-only) minidisc recording fan for many years. I have the MZ-R3, the MZ-R30, and 2 MZ-r50's - I gave one to my daughter and got her hooked on MD.


    Brad Kaufman, MD


    Posted by Adam prestin on 5/21/2000, 11:06 pm

    never used a sony MD unit, and this is a big reason why.


    Posted by Christoph Donges on 5/22/2000, 12:11 am

    Why not?


    End the "end search" forever and...

    Posted by B Blomberg on 5/22/2000, 1:05 am

    I might consider buying a portable Sony again!

    It's YOU who should learn to use..

    Posted by The Producer on 5/22/2000, 1:16 am , in reply to "I like end-search"

    It's YOU who should learn to use, the recorder... You can easy delete any track and move your recordings, so you would NEVER need the "end search" funktion - except if you want to show off, that you never forget anything, so it never will give YOU any trouble...


    Posted by Aaron on 5/22/2000, 1:28 am

    It's really really annoying and it causes me to screw up a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST CUT IT OUT... you also should make it so that the battery can charge while you're recording.

    WRONG - It's even more simple...

    Posted by The producer on 5/22/2000, 1:30 am , in reply to "Keep END SEARCH!"

    WRONG - It's even more simple, to just delete the "crap" you don't want (the very few time you want to overwrite) and DON'T have to press "end search" EVERY other time!!! So it's never more convinient...

    Okay, we are maybe idiots - but...

    Posted by The producer on 5/22/2000, 1:37 am , in reply to "MANUAL END SEARCH "

    Okay, we are maybe idiots - but "end search" is just silly, with no advantage... And is you smart, if you want to press a useless button??

    no more end search

    Posted by simon beaudoux on 5/22/2000, 2:29 am


    End search inconvenience

    Posted by Madhav Purnaiya on 5/22/2000, 3:06 am

    MD offerers a great deal of features and convenience but the end search feature of Sony MD recorders takes out the fun of recording MD's. why not have an option to disable this feature??

    yesa remove

    Posted by david on 5/22/2000, 3:36 am

    yes remove this option automat is better

    manual end search

    Posted by Bernie Stocks on 5/22/2000, 4:03 am

    has to go

    Please End End Search

    Posted by Leigh Rankin on 5/22/2000, 5:02 am

    Please remove this function !

    End Search Rules

    Posted by Niels Pijck on 5/22/2000, 5:57 am

    I feel very confident when I have an end search button. I like it. It makes me feel in charge of the whole recording opperation. I never lost a recording because of that button. You people should be more self-sufficient! Just learn to use it... and stop the nagging. The Sony devices are the best in the world, so be happy with that damn button!

    End The "End Search" Madness

    Posted by Phil Gartman on 5/22/2000, 6:03 am

    Please stop the insanity! There's no reason to keep including an "end search" button when nobody wants it and almost everyone is totally opposed to it. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    Phil Gartman

    Just kill it

    Posted by John Rolt on 5/22/2000, 7:42 am

    I do lots of live recordings and like so many others, I recently lost some unrecoverable music because of this function. Please get rid of it!
    Thanks.. John R

    Lost live recordings

    Posted by Paul Hardy on 5/22/2000, 7:47 am

    Please get rid of this feature - I've lost irreplaceable recordings severals times thanks to this!!

    yes for end of "end search"

    Posted by jean-yves pourchet on 5/22/2000, 8:06 am

    sony minidisc deck have got automatic end search
    so why not portable

    Please remove the end search button

    Posted by Steven M. Geisler on 5/22/2000, 8:22 am

    The end search button operates contrary to all other MD equipment. Please remove it on future models.


    Lost Sale

    Posted by David Sowa on 5/22/2000, 10:02 am

    The "end search" button caused me to choose
    a Sharp product when I would have rather had
    a Sony product.

    Drop End Search

    Posted by John Watson on 5/22/2000, 10:04 am

    It is not consistant to have auto end search on home decks and manual on portables, it leads to a lotof confusion and lost data.

    End Search

    Posted by Tom Stadler on 5/22/2000, 10:18 am

    Have learned to many hard lessons with this "Feature" IE. lost recordings and time loss to repair.

    Offer AutoEndSearch Option

    Posted by John Pavlica on 5/22/2000, 10:23 am

    While testing a new microphone on the MiniDisc, I wiped-out two existing tracks. Please have a default "auto end search upon record" feature, with a menu option to override for those who desire. Thank you

    Re: End Search Rules

    Posted by Ed Heckman on 5/22/2000, 10:26 am , in reply to "End Search Rules"

    Are you human? Or are you a robot? If you're human then you should know that you make mistakes! There is no such thing as a perfect human. Our tools should be designed with that FACT in mind!

    What happens WHEN you make a mistake on a recorder with automatic end search? Not much. What happens WHEN you make a mistake on a Sony recorder? A lost or damaged recording that you cannot recover!

    Count on in. Someday you WILL forget to push end search and you'll lose something. Or someone will open your recorder to look at the disc and you won't know that they did. (It happened to me.)

    End Search

    Posted by Ivan Martin on 5/22/2000, 10:32 am

    I used to have an MZ R50 minidisc recorder, i loved everithing of it except the end search function, the one caused me to loose recorded material many times cause when in a hurry forgot to press the button in live recordings. I was so disapponited about it that i sold the unit an bought a Sharp 722 that doesn't have that problematic. But i miss the Sony R50 build quality so i wish that newer Sony units get ride of that button.

    end search

    Posted by Robert Shelburne on 5/22/2000, 10:35 am

    The end search feature is bad technology, period.

    End Search

    Posted by Mike Mormanis on 5/22/2000, 11:03 am

    This "feature" makes no sense!

    Please Automate End Search

    Posted by M. Comley on 5/22/2000, 11:17 am

    Minidisc is an amazing format, cheap and easy to use EXCEPT you have to remember to End Search.

    To aid all those people who are not technos, and want an easy and quick audio recording medium:


    Kill The Manual End Search

    Posted by Philip Hanna on 5/22/2000, 11:42 am

    You really need to fix this glaring error! The competition has...

    End Search needs changing

    Posted by Kent Teffeteller on 5/22/2000, 11:51 am

    Sony needs to have Auto end search on all new MD portable machines. Also, how about a manual-Auto level switch. I also would love the ability to adjust level while recording. I love the machines as they are but these little improvements would put Sony so far in front that no one would come close. Thanks for letting me give my .2 worth.
    Kent Teffeteller
    "Devoted Sony MD fan"

    Erased irreplacable concert

    Posted by Dale Greer on 5/22/2000, 11:57 am

    Because of the moronic "end search" mis-feature, I recorded over an irreplacable concert. This button is completely counter-intuitive for disc-based recording and downright dangerous.

    Get rid of End Search

    Posted by Rand Phillips on 5/22/2000, 12:07 pm

    Please consider dropping the End Search button/function from your line of MD products. This particular button and function are a glaring mar on your otherwise fine MD machines.

    A concerned MD enthusiast,


    Kill End Search

    Posted by Cameron Dixon on 5/22/2000, 1:23 pm

    End search has caused me more pain than anything else. The minute a sony model comes out w/o end search i will buy it.

    End Search

    Posted by Keith Bauer on 5/22/2000, 1:26 pm

    End Search is for Cassette or DAT tapes! I refuse to buy a portable with a End Search button. So that keeps me from buying Sony MD portables. When I want to record on either my Sharp or JVC all I do it hit record then play. Why can't Sony be that convient?

    Make it Automatic!

    Posted by Andy Knitt on 5/22/2000, 1:35 pm

    Making End Search automatic would save a lot of headaches!

    No End Search Button At All

    Posted by Manel Fernandez on 5/22/2000, 1:52 pm

    There are a number of instances in which the record slider has accidentally been hit, starting a new recording over older material, erasing valuable material. If there was no END SEARCH button, then this would not be a worry, but the button (or the need for it) really serves no useful purpose. At least you shoul be able to activate or desactivate it, depending if you find it useful or not. Tell me why it's useful and maybe I won' desactivate it but I think there's no answer to that...

    I went to Sharp because of End Search

    Posted by Owen Williams on 5/22/2000, 2:04 pm

    When I was choosing between a Sharp 702 and a Sony R50, I read several web pages on why one was better than the other. Finally, I found out about the end search button and decided to buy the Sharp. This is a useless feature that makes what should be an easy process difficult. Sorry Sony, but you lost this customer because of End Search.

    My Deck Doesn't Have It, Why Should My Portable?

    Posted by James Torsen on 5/22/2000, 2:09 pm

    I've lost the first part of a recording that I can
    never get back, all because of not hitting the
    "End Search" button.


    Posted by GENNARO PUORTO on 5/22/2000, 3:41 pm

    end search is not a function that I expect from Sony

    Like deck like portable

    Posted by Richard Reid on 5/22/2000, 4:22 pm

    Why the difference in function between decks, none of which have end search, and portables? Let end search be gone.

    Your customers don't want, or need, the "end search" feature

    Posted by Roger Williams on 5/22/2000, 4:31 pm

    I believe the subject says it all. I like my portable Sony MD recorder, but I've actually ruined some live recordings thanks to the end search button. Here's hoping your future designs don't incorporate it.

    Date Stamp vs End Search

    Posted by Donavon Lerman on 5/22/2000, 7:17 pm

    I was really looking forward to buying a Sony MD portable to have live recording of my Music Ensemble. The date and time stamp seemed like a God-Send for helping to keep track of performances, the ability to connect to other Sony devices was another big plus. But the chance that I may lose part of a recording because I did not press (or forgot to press) an end search button was the main reason that I decided to buy a competing brand.

    I will be buying another portable MD within the next 6 months if the end-search is dropped then there is a good chance that my next MD will be a Sony.

    End Search

    Posted by Jacob Alifrangis on 5/22/2000, 8:01 pm

    I too really wish this 'feature' would go away.

    no more end-search!

    Posted by Sleepy T on 5/22/2000, 8:21 pm

    Get rid of manual end-search on portables....and get rid track mark button on remote and replace it with "megabass" instead. Arigatou!

    end end search

    Posted by fabian montano on 5/22/2000, 10:22 pm

    in a rush on my way to work I record minidiscs on
    the run. sometimes i forget to hit end search and erase my tracks

    You Can Do It!

    Posted by Scott Cabler on 5/23/2000, 12:11 am

    I have to agree with the rest of the MD comunity.
    I don't have it on my portable recorder, but I have heard some things about it.


    Posted by I KATZ on 5/23/2000, 12:31 am

    I bought my MiniDisc recorder so I could make high quality records of my live performances. In other words, performances that cannot be repeated exactly. I don't usually play full concerts, just individual pieces here and there. Because of the manual end search fiasco I've lost several recordings that can never be replaced.
    So it doesn't make sense to use a new disc to record just 5 minutes then set it aside. Yet this is exactly what I need to do to make sure I don't lose a recording.


    Posted by Tim Sun on 5/23/2000, 12:57 am

    I can't tell you how many times I (and just about anyone I lend my recorder to) have accidently recorded over existing tracks on an MD....please.....end the madness!

    Why manual END SEARCH on portables but auto on Sony decks? Explain!

    Posted by Ingemar Lindqvist on 5/23/2000, 2:39 am

    Why do Sony have automatic end search on the decks but manual end search on the portables?

    End the 'End Search'

    Posted by Graham Baker on 5/23/2000, 3:46 am

    Dear Mr Sony,
    Your end search button is the most illogical design I have ever come across - even your home decks seem to work OK without it!!!
    I have lost irreplacable recordings because of this 'miss-feature' and since my MZ-R2 died prematurly I have bought a SHARP '701 (still works fine after 4 yrs) and will never buy another Sony portable, even if it doesn't have end search...

    Learn from other Manufacturers

    Posted by Nicolas Stizza on 5/23/2000, 5:18 am

    You will probably have to pry my MZ-r50 from my cold dead hands but......... having used sharps and JVC I do see that sony got some things wrong.

    First there should be an easy way to allow for automatic 3,5,9,11 track marks like on sharp portables..... I think the FWD>> button on my sony will (is?) soon fail because of all the use it has seen.... You gave us AUTO levels with digital copying and yet no automatic track marking ????

    Second- Changing somthing just for the sake of changing isn't always the best course of action. Case in point -- The "thumb wheel" Was a stroke of engineering brilliance. Simple, elegant, FUNCTIONAL! That was something you always had over the competition. What happended to it? Was there a high likelihood of future mechanical breakdown?

    THIRD and last!!!! I can't tell you how many precious one of a kind recodings life I have snuffed out because of that damn END SEARCH feature.. Isn't it a logical assumption I would like to record at a new area? OK how about a compromise? You can keep end search but only if it is accessable by jimmying connectors 2 and 4 in the remote lead with a .15 capacitor into SERVICE MODE.... yeah that's where you should put it....
    I am giving $$$$$$$$$$ of free advice .... Do you know how much companies pay for this kind of info? I only ask for a nominal 48% cut of gross profits !!! (or a free PSX2)


    Valuabe notes lost!!!

    Posted by Ken Nguyen on 5/23/2000, 5:50 am

    That's right! I have lost many valuable lecture notes when Ive rushed into class and quickly pressed the recording button, only to find out that Ive recorded over the last lecture!

    Please remeove it, its soooooo anoying!

    end search? annoying. AVLS? down right Evil!

    Posted by Rudy on 5/23/2000, 6:05 am

    Just write some decent code and lose the end search button. Then do the World a favour and send the freakin' AVLS switch into space! It is an insult to our intelligence to think anyone would use such a 'feature'. Its almost as bad as having that other great white elephant the 'Dolby' option.

    end search

    Posted by Brenda Sykes on 5/23/2000, 6:25 am

    Please remove the end search on next model


    Posted by Al Monson on 5/23/2000, 6:40 am

    End Search is crap and unneccessary

    Had to buy a Sharp unit

    Posted by Peter Ravn on 5/23/2000, 7:06 am

    Hi Sony

    Please remove the "End Search" function on you coming portable recorders.
    I had to use a Sharp portable instead of a Sony! Make your portables react like you excellent home decks.

    End Search

    Posted by Olivier on 5/23/2000, 7:24 am

    I have lost all my recordings because of that END SEARCH button !!!!!

    !"�$$%!"* ENDSEARCH

    Posted by Jan on 5/23/2000, 7:53 am

    I own an MZ-R91 an it's very heavy.
    And there is no denying the fact that it would be much smaller and lighter without the ENDSEARCH-BUTTON.
    In addition to that the owner of Aiwa and sharp MD-Rs are already laughing about this rudimentary Sonytechnology.


    Posted by Bernhard Reinisch on 5/23/2000, 8:14 am

    I still use (sometimes) the first portable MD-recorder from Sony, the MZ-1. It got digital optical input AND output and NO NONSENSE-features like "end-search". Back to the roots!!

    Lost recording

    Posted by Igor Savchenko on 5/23/2000, 8:30 am

    We have a lost records with Manual End Search!

    End Search Stinks!

    Posted by Mark Barr on 5/23/2000, 8:34 am

    None of the Sony decks have this button. No other manufacturer use End Search. Everyone hates it! It just creates an unnecessary step every time I want to record. My ONE complaint about my new MZ-R90: END SEARCH.

    Remove end search.

    Posted by Paul Fioravanti on 5/23/2000, 9:24 am

    I once did start recording on my MZ-R91 without pressing the end search button, but funnily enough it did not record over my original track one, but simply bumped it over and made my current recording the new track one. No damage done (must have been a fluke) but, nevertheless, having to wait for the recorder to find the end of the disc before you can start recording is unnecessarily cumbersome. Sony can keep the End Search button.

    End search? Nein danke!

    Posted by Bruce Smith on 5/23/2000, 9:46 am

    To Whom it may concern:

    I would not buy a minidisc portable recorder that had the End Search feature. First, end search is not desirable to begin with and second, its lack of consistency across Sony's line of MD recorders (decks lack it) is an invitation to an unnecessary problem - writing over existing tracks.

    Bruce Smith

    lost recordings more than once

    Posted by sven kissner on 5/23/2000, 9:53 am

    forgetting to press the end search button results in loss of some rare live material i recorded at concerts... sure, it was my mistake but keeping the end serach function is not a benefit but a step behind all other manufacturers


    Posted by John Edwards on 5/23/2000, 10:08 am

    Maybe someone at Sony can offer me a reason as to why the "End Search" button exists...

    It seems your engineers spent too much time folding their heads around the ATRAC algorithm, and no forethought into user operability...

    Though fixed in later models, I'm a little perterbed that I bought the MZ-R55 for a significant chunk of change (The salesmen at the Sony store were adament this was the world's smallest, and latest model available though I think at that time it had been available for over 1.5 years... and the MZ-R90 could be bought elsewhere), and I have to put up with only a few hours battery life... I think you should look into some sort of recall..

    Keeping faith in the format, however not a SONY portable...

    I concur

    Posted by Ehren Gresehover on 5/23/2000, 10:33 am

    Just another thing to stand in the way of a hassle-free recording situation, and a critical problem in more demanding environments. Please eliminate this 'feature.'

    End search should die!

    Posted by AL Kladd on 5/23/2000, 12:04 pm

    End search Should die!

    useless end search!!

    Posted by giga on 5/23/2000, 12:23 pm

    the end search button is useless and stupid.
    bon Ok je vais ecrire en francais si
    Mr sony le permet.

    Ce boutton ramene les minidisk sony 10 ans en arriere, a l'epoque des cassette a bande ou il
    fallait cherche la plage vide ou commencer un enregistrement .

    cordialement alain.
    PS: f##k the end search button!!

    It only take one time....

    Posted by Mary Jo Sminkey on 5/23/2000, 12:30 pm

    when you forget End Search to convince you that this "feature" on Sony recorders should DIE! Get rid of it, please!!

    Sony should know better

    Posted by mt on 5/23/2000, 1:06 pm

    Sony is a premiere manufacturer of electronics good. They above all should be able to design something USER FRIENDLY

    Remove End Search Function

    Posted by Don Manderfeld on 5/23/2000, 1:44 pm

    I have been a Big Fan of the Minidisc format since 1992. I still use my first Sony MZ-1 Minidisc reorder (for it's digital output feature in dubbing). I dislike the End Serach feature that has been in all Sony MD portables since. The MZ-1 did NOT have the end search feature. Why add a useless feature that causes users to delete part of their recordings by forgetting to "hit" end search button first?!?

    Sony should also ADD an adjustable recording level feature, during recording rather than requiring the user to pause the recorder. This is another annoying quirk in your new generation of portable MD's.

    I look forward to your next generation of Minidisc portables as really "new and improved" not just "smaller and lighter".


    Don Manderfeld
    Minneapolis, MN

    Kill End Search; Revive Thumb Wheel!

    Posted by Dominick Alcid on 5/23/2000, 2:09 pm

    If I had wanted to record over something, I would just erase it first, and then record. Has anyone figured out why "End Search" was created in the frst place?

    The editing features (with Track Marking) enable users to cut-and-paste as they see fit to create effects or a seamless mix- why would someone ever want to record OVER something?!?

    Lose "End Search" but bring back the thumb wheel!

    Totally illogical

    Posted by Simon Gardner on 5/23/2000, 2:12 pm

    Why bother having it when no other units (not even the Sony home decks) do? Why even use such a linear methodology on a non-linear medium?

    Needing to end search is awful!

    Posted by Francesca Reitano on 5/23/2000, 2:51 pm

    Even though I was aware of this feature, I have lost material many times. It is so illogical and unintuitive that I have to fight myself not to forget.

    In a pressure situation or when one is in a hurry, precious material can get lost. It is easier for me to erase tracks that I don't want than to have the machine automatically do it.

    Please take this feature off!

    Manual recording on the fly. I should be able to set recording levels at any time!

    Thank you,

    Francesca Reitano

    Why is it still around?

    Posted by C.J. Kerna on 5/23/2000, 3:07 pm

    I've always wondered why some manufacturers insist on keeping a feature or function when something better has come along. I know some features have a benefit to them( like a manual recording level control) but the "End Search" button serves absolutely no purpose. In Minidisc's early days it did serve a purpose, but now someone has developed an automatic "End Search" that eliminates the need for a button. I hope Sony seriously heeds this advice as it is the consumers, who use these products in everyday situations, that know a useless feature when they see one.

    A Pro Says "NO"

    Posted by Art Chimes on 5/23/2000, 3:07 pm

    I am a full-time radio journalist who has used portable MD equipment in Washington and throughout Eastern Europe since 1997. Like most other Sony users, I have mistakenly erased important recordings because I failed to press that 'end search' button. The operational mistake may have been mine, but the design fault was Sony's.

    When it came time to buy a portable MD recorder for personal use, I chose another brand, and a key reason was that I wanted to avoid the 'end search' button.

    Sony, your continued use of this unnecessary feature is causing you dissatisfied customers and, more important, lost sales. I urge you to re-engineer your portable MD recorders now.

    Automate the end search

    Posted by JohnE Gledhill on 5/23/2000, 4:04 pm

    Make life easier. Automate the freaking end search function.

    Useless function !!!

    Posted by @WIN3.2 on 5/23/2000, 4:22 pm

    My first portable SONY md-recorder was (and I think it still is) equipped with that useless END SEARCH button wich I once failed to use and erased a unique recording.
    A few months later I bought a normal home deck (what a surprise, automatic end search!)and did all of my recordings on this machine.
    The portable recorder was only used as a playing device.
    Now I have a real portable player (still SONY) and sold the recordable one and told the buyer to be extra carefull using the end search (good luck to him).

    End Search

    Posted by Ralf Seiffe on 5/23/2000, 5:16 pm

    End Search be gone! Also--will there ever be an NT3 tape recorder?

    Gotta go!

    Posted by Art Simon on 5/23/2000, 5:17 pm

    There is nothing more disheartening than losing a live recording. The manual end search is a bad idea that should be updated.

    I've lost too many recordings

    Posted by C.J. O'Neill on 5/23/2000, 5:58 pm

    The end search has caused me to lose at least 10 irreplaceable recordings. Please do away with this function.

    Please Change the "End Search"

    Posted by M. Ayers on 5/23/2000, 6:59 pm

    Please consider the changing the "end search" function!

    It's important to the MD faithful. We are the heart and soul
    of your customer base, and we submit that this function is
    many times the bane of our MD existence!!!!

    Agree - nuke it.

    Posted by Bill Pittman on 5/23/2000, 8:45 pm

    Pretty useless "feature." Get rid of it!

    my very first minidisc recordings, gone! Get rid of it!

    Posted by derek shapton on 5/23/2000, 10:31 pm

    My very first minidisc recordings were accidentally lost shortly after being recorded because of the anti-intuitive nature of this button. Please keep others from having to go through this; it's not how new users should remember their first MiniDisc experience.

    Sony rules, end search sucks

    Posted by Antonio Arias on 5/23/2000, 11:24 pm

    Get rid of the damn thing

    end search is a pile of wank

    Posted by dan luped on 5/24/2000, 1:41 am

    get rid of it sony!

    Please remove the strange end-search thing !

    Posted by Marius Wingerei on 5/24/2000, 3:15 am

    Please remove the strange end-search thing !

    SONY: Think more positively, please!

    Posted by Richard Laska on 5/24/2000, 3:29 am

    Dear SONY designers,

    think MORE positively about result of creation your products, please!

    Re: Not in English? Then why write?

    Posted by Richard Laska on 5/24/2000, 3:43 am , in reply to "Re: Not in English? Then why write?"

    Sorry boy,

    this is INTERNET, there is no duty or bondage to speak ONLY English.

    Think more positively!


    Posted by Soma Szab� on 5/24/2000, 4:37 am

    I agree with the above letter in all details. On my home decks there is no
    such function and I hope this function(?) is going to disappear on Sony
    portable MD equipments. I didn't like the function, so I got rid of my portable,
    I bought a Kenwood DMC-J7R! But, honestly, Sony home decks rule!

    End the End Search

    Posted by Chuck Gough on 5/24/2000, 5:33 am

    Please end the end search!

    Please accept

    Posted by Julian Cresp� on 5/24/2000, 6:02 am

    We are all Sony users, because we have decided that we prefer SONY. I am a very good SONY fan, as I promote SONY amonst my friends as the best stuff available. Please hear the voice of people like me, that have decided to buy SONY in front of other stuff. And please also CONTINUE promoting MINIDISC as the future system for audio and video, in future so we can use 7 cm discs as substitute for VHS DVD-R and CDR. thank you very much


    Sony Weirdness

    Posted by Joe Redifer on 5/24/2000, 6:09 am

    Yes, the END SEARCH button must go away.

    I personally think this is fairly typical of Sony. To me, Sony gives me features that I don't want (like the END SEARCH button) and not enough of the features that I do want. They have good ideas, but they don't always follow through.

    Also, just like theatrical SDDS (Sony Dynamic Digital Sound for movie theaters) I found found many Sony products just aren't very reliable and are made of cheap components. I would sooner just buy anohter brand, since everything Sony breaks down on me (but only Sony products).

    Good thing Sony doesn't make a car.

    Drop End Search

    Posted by Simon Pontin on 5/24/2000, 6:24 am

    Then, maybe, I'll buy a Sony product!

    Simply a mistake

    Posted by Ekkehard Petzold on 5/24/2000, 6:34 am

    The developer should always keep in mind what the default use is and what is not, and then design operating algorithms for default situations shorter and more intuitive than those for non-default situations. In that case the hardware can be called ergonomic.
    Adding new recordings at the end of the logical disc is default, overwriting is not (at least for most users). That is why the end search button is simply a mistake.

    Told off boss and got fired

    Posted by Anna on 5/24/2000, 7:24 am

    As my boss pressed the record button instead of the play button, I lost a valueable recording and got crap for it in return. How should someone who can't distinguish play from record, understand the end-seek theory. And even for the smarter ones it's a function which should be removed.

    Re: end search is a pile of wank

    Posted by rudy on 5/24/2000, 7:42 am , in reply to "end search is a pile of wank"

    I prefer to spell wank with a h, as in, end search is a pile of whank.

    stop manually endsearch

    Posted by gops on 5/24/2000, 8:22 am

    I have lost a few recordings, too.


    Posted by David Abrams on 5/24/2000, 8:22 am

    I just bought a new sharp 821 because i didnt want to deal with the end search function.

    Lost materials

    Posted by Greg Wanzek on 5/24/2000, 10:26 am

    A with many others here, I too have lost irreplaceable recordings as I hastily tried to make a new recording only forgetting to hit the end search button. If these units have the ability to read ahead 40 seconds for skip-free playback, I would also think these 40 seconds could be used to find available disc space to place the new recordings while keeping the recording in its virtual memory.

    Please get rid of this unnecessary and inconvienent button, it causes more hassle than serves useful.

    Thank you.

    use deck system

    Posted by Dirk Vael on 5/24/2000, 10:48 am

    if rec is selected, go immediately to end of disc and start recording then, but avoid the stupid erasing of first track.

    Please remove it!

    Posted by Dave Bell on 5/24/2000, 2:19 pm

    I've lost so many recordings while forgetting to hit End Search. Please remove it.

    Just very irritating when you also use homedecks!!!

    Posted by Danny Haak on 5/24/2000, 2:22 pm

    It's very frustrating to remember that you have to push the end search button when you normally don't use on a home deck.. please remove and add an auto endsearch function.
    I also have lost recordings.
    Thanks in advance.

    end of end search

    Posted by Johannes Schemmel on 5/24/2000, 3:02 pm

    Get rid of it quick!!!!

    Re: End Search Rules

    Posted by Kevin on 5/24/2000, 3:45 pm , in reply to "End Search Rules"

    Despite what you may think and how people "should" behave when using a Sony MD player, that is not the issue at hand. A designer's #1 job is to ensure that the user is able to use a device as efficiently as possible and End Search doesn't do a whole lot for that goal. I agree that it can be a good feature but it has to be an option for the user, not a mandatory button.

    Re: I like end-search

    Posted by Kevin on 5/24/2000, 3:50 pm , in reply to "I like end-search"

    It's not about learning to use it. It's not hard - you simply push it before recording.. how is that hard to learn? The trouble comes in when someone forgets to push it. This can cause irreparable consequences. I'm sure you've forgotten things in your life and you better thank god that one of those things hasn't been pushing that End Search button because it's a real pain. I agree that this feature can be of some use but it should be an option - not a mandatory button. Would this not be a fair compromise?


    Re: Keep END SEARCH!

    Posted by Kevin on 5/24/2000, 3:57 pm , in reply to "Keep END SEARCH!"

    If it's "my problem" then hitting the button is "your advantage" and your advantage alone. In other words, there are more of those who have this same problem than those who don't, so it can't be a singular phenomenon.

    It does give more of an option to Sony MD's but that's the problem - it's NOT an option. It's mandatory. And when you make a feature mandatory, it better be useful 100% of the time and never any less or else there wouldn't be a reason to make it mandatory.

    I have to say that End Search is NEVER 100% useful (in fact, WAY less than that) nor is it efficient. Sure it's useful when erasing tracks (overwriting), but how many times do you do that compared to the act of actually recording? A lot less.

    You record more than you overwrite.. in fact, when you overwrite you record so you can't overwrite more than you record. Thus, it is inefficient and should be made an option.


    Posted by Kevin on 5/24/2000, 4:02 pm , in reply to "MANUAL END SEARCH "

    The problem isn't that people are "dumb idiots" but that Sony has produced a design that is inefficient. This kind of design is error-prone and can cause problems no matter how intelligent a person may be. Would you like to use a VCR to play a video that requires you to push a button that does something it should automatically do anyway? It just doesn't make sense. If people like this feature then that's fine - make it an option. Not a mandatory button.

    Poor Product Design

    Posted by kevin on 5/24/2000, 5:30 pm

    I recommend equipment purchases to hundreds of businesses and individuals in the audio industry. I will NEVER recommend any Sony MD that forces the user to remember to push the "end search" button prior to every recording.

    This feature is ill-conceived and shockingly POOR PRODUCT DESIGN. I understand that Sony wishes to make the MD more analog-like and easy for novices to understand. "End Search" does NOT accomplish this goal, it only complicates and frustrates the customer.

    End Search Shot My Jam Session Down!!!

    Posted by Patrick Hamm on 5/24/2000, 7:35 pm

    I use my sony MD portable as a portalbe scratch pad for rhymes for my hip-hop band White Chocolate (www.wcarmy.com). One day I realized that after recording new ideas that I had, rhymes that I had recorded that morning were recorded over!!! By then I had forgotten them and they were lost forever!!

    END SEARCH CAN [!@#$!!!]

    Posted by Bruce Lee on 5/24/2000, 8:48 pm

    no point in putting that button.they can save penneys removing that button.


    Posted by Dave Law on 5/24/2000, 8:49 pm , in reply to "I like end-search"

    just kidding. good joke, huh?

    Sayoonara, End Search!

    Posted by Tyra Humphries on 5/24/2000, 9:36 pm

    End search is just a general, all around pain. Why have this annoying feature on the portables when everything else has the auto end search? Get rid of it!

    Re: I like end-search

    Posted by lanA on 5/25/2000, 12:46 am , in reply to "I like end-search"

    Your message says it all really. Maybe you've used yout R90 for a whole THREE weeks by now?

    One day you will make the mistake of not remembering to press end search and you will lose valuable recordings. THEN you will understand why the ppl here want end search removed.


    Posted by Justin on 5/25/2000, 12:48 am

    Changed brands because I lost important MD's to no auto end search !

    its the end of the end as we know it

    Posted by Snaptastic on 5/25/2000, 2:13 am

    its about time

    Give me one good reason

    Posted by Marco Rossen on 5/25/2000, 2:31 am

    Sony, give me one good reason why one would need end search. I never missed it on my MD-deck.

    And smarter battery charging

    Posted by Mark Thorley on 5/25/2000, 3:42 am

    I really wanted a Sharp because a) no end search, as I was worried about lost recordings of the kids etc and b) it will charge whenever connected to the mains power. But I bought an MZ -R70 as the sharp was not available in Australia yet.

    As much as I like the Sony and I have a Sony MD home system, I know I will live to regret it !

    Lost recordings when unaware of manual end search

    Posted by Dmitry Kapitanov, Russia on 5/25/2000, 5:20 am

    Dear Sony,
    when I just bought an MZ-R37 model, to check the recording functions I lost my precious data of Alla Pugacheva for my Mom.
    Thank you beforehand for your efforts in the matter of taking the manual search away.

    [GC00E011048] End Search Feature

    Posted by Sony CIC on 5/25/2000, 6:04 am

    Thank you for your petition regarding the Manual End Search Function of Sony
    MD portables.
    We sincerely appreciate your patronage of Sony products.

    Your suggestion on Sony MD portables have been forwarded to our relevant
    division for
    their future study as our important customer's valuable advice.

    Although we have been trying our best effort to make quality products to
    satisfy our customers, we may not comply with your idea due to the
    economies of scale or other reasons. But we always welcome your comments
    and/or suggestion to Sony.

    We hope that Sony products will continue to provide you with much customer
    satisfaction as possible.
    Also, your continual special attention to our products would be highly

    Sincerely yours,

    Sony CIC


    Posted by ME on 5/25/2000, 8:21 am

    'Nuff said!


    Posted by Pandelis Petrou on 5/25/2000, 9:29 am

    THis BUTTON HAS made ME SCREW up many recordings and it should be eliminated. i don't understand why it was put there in the first place

    get rid of the end search

    Posted by jason flores on 5/25/2000, 11:10 am

    I bought a sharp because their end search is automatic and I hate recording over good material


    Posted by Wybe Kloppenburg on 5/25/2000, 11:13 am

    Please scrap this, manual end-search is so outdated!

    Can you ignore all these stories?

    Posted by Charles Schmidt on 5/25/2000, 12:11 pm

    Can you ignore all these stories? Sounds like a disaster in the making. Dump the end search feature!

    make it automatic!

    Posted by Roger Dalsaune on 5/25/2000, 1:09 pm

    make it automatic!

    Re: I like end-search

    Posted by Kevin Po on 5/25/2000, 1:19 pm , in reply to "I like end-search"

    I agree with this. Please read my older post below.

    And to those who took offence when i said "it was their problem" that they forgot. How can you take offence of your own stupidity?

    Re: End Search Rules

    Posted by Kevin Po on 5/25/2000, 1:28 pm , in reply to "Re: End Search Rules"

    Once again i must agree with the original post. As for this response. If you are making mistakes with such a trivial process, then i am sure you are speaking for the absentminded part of the population. Which at this moment consists of more people than i originally thought.

    Apparently there are more people who can't hit 2 buttons in sequence.

    End search - bad user design

    Posted by Robert Jung on 5/25/2000, 2:09 pm

    As a software developer, I try to design my data handling programs with the priority of data protection. Good software should warn a user when data is erased or deleted.

    added inconvenience

    Posted by mike thiman on 5/25/2000, 2:37 pm

    the manual end search is a complete and uter waste of time and resources. it makes it harder to record confidently, rather it makes the entire recording process a hectic jumble of pushing butons and second guesses.

    Re: End Search Rules

    Posted by Kevin on 5/25/2000, 3:01 pm , in reply to "Re: End Search Rules"

    You just don't know how to debate maturely, do you? Instead of attacking technical issues and design functionality, you decide to insult peoples' intelligence? I strongly urge you to come up with a much more valid argument than just "people are stupid."

    I agree that hitting "2 buttons sequence" isn't hard. I do not agree that this is EFFICIENT. Would you rather hit 1 button or 2 buttons? Would you rather mistakenly (since we ARE human, I hope you can at least agree with that) not press End Search and lose material or never make this mistake by only pressing 1 button? If you wanted to make money, would you sell a unit that has less hassle or more hassle? Apparently, you haven't thought about these issues.

    Professional or not, making money is what counts in business and apparently, Sony isn't exactly appealing to a large amount of people out there (you can base that on this petition alone) on including End Search. Again, I restate my opinion that End Search is a hassle to most people but I would personally like to see an option for it instead of it being a mandatory function. I do see usage for it; I just don't think that it's smart from a business and design standpoint to keep it mandatory.


    End Search

    Posted by Myriam Joire on 5/25/2000, 5:28 pm

    Please get rid of the end-search feature! thanks...

    the usual

    Posted by mike on 5/25/2000, 7:24 pm

    just the usual problem with the function...accidentaly recording over previously recorded stuff

    Re: End Search Rules

    Posted by Dan on 5/25/2000, 8:00 pm , in reply to "Re: End Search Rules"



    Posted by Brian on 5/25/2000, 9:37 pm

    Geezez, what was someone thinking?
    Anyway, I hate Sony MD products!
    They may be the pioneer of minidiscs
    but yuck! Cheap hardware.

    Useless Button

    Posted by Guy Atkins on 5/25/2000, 10:51 pm

    Drop the END SEARCH button, but don't do away with the TIME/DATE STAMP feature! It's wonderful!

    Lost recordings

    Posted by Ash on 5/25/2000, 11:16 pm

    accidently recording over existing material is very frustrating indeed

    Freaking Button must DIE

    Posted by Geoff on 5/25/2000, 11:17 pm


    It's just bass ackwards!

    Posted by Sean Johnson on 5/25/2000, 11:48 pm

    I thought automatic end search was a standard thing on all portable recorders, until I got a hold of a Sony. Sony's sound good and all, but I've lost a recording due to this inane function. I think people most often want to add a new recording instead of recording over a previous one; especially in the application of music storage, in which I think is the primary function most people use it for.

    end it now plz k thx

    Posted by josh epperson on 5/26/2000, 2:12 am

    end the button

    End !

    Posted by Maarten van de Sande on 5/26/2000, 6:49 am

    Thanks for removing the end search button.
    Oh, you didn;t do that yet ?
    I'm sure you will do it in newer models ! Right !?


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