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The Nitty-Gritty
  Clarion ProAudio RMX465D  

Changer Controls
Remote Control Functions


Display/Button Illumination: Track, frequency, loud indicator, audio mode indicator and clock information are displayed with pale blue illumination. The Z-Enhancer, scan, repeat and random indicators are displayed with amber illumination. Preset indicators illuminate in blue. The buttons are backlit with blue illumination, and there is a ring of blue illumination around the rotary knob.

Front 1.8-volt Preamplified Outputs

Z-enhancer: The Z-enhancer function features three types of sound tone effects stored in memory. You may select " Z-enhancer 1" (bass emphasized), " Z-enhancer 2" (treble emphasized) or  "Z-enhancer 3" (bass and treble emphasized).

Rotary Knob: This unit is equipped with a rotary knob for use when making volume, tone, balance, and fader.

Cellular Mute Wire: The wiring harness includes a wire that mutes audio when a cellular call is received, then restores the level once the call is over. To use this feature, you must have a cellular phone with a muting output that can be connected to the muting input wire (brown wire) of this unit.

Magi-Tune Tuner: Combines both AM and FM tuners into one package, and features low noise reception with high selectivity.

Instant Selection Recall (ISR): In addition to the 18 FM and 6 AM presets, you may program one station for one-touch recall.  The station set into ISR memory, can be recalled with the touch of a single button, even when you are listening to a MD or a station in another band.

U.S. and European Tuning Spacing: The AM and FM tuning spacing may be set for use within or outside the U.S..

MD Title/Track Title Display: This unit is capable of displaying MD title and track title information for MDs encoded with this information. When a title is longer than 11 characters, you can make the title scroll by pressing the "BND" button.

Top Play Button: Pressing the Top/Band button while an MD or a CD in the CD changer is playing will start the disc playing from track 1 again.

MD Play/Pause: Pressing the Play/pause/mute button allows you to pause an MD at any time without the Radio coming on.

Unit Off MD Eject: MD's can be ejected while unit is off.

Changer Controls

Compatibility: This receiver is equipped with Clarion's C-Bus connection and is compatible with all Clarion C-Bus-equipped changers. This unit cannot control Clarion "CeNet" changers.


  • Pause
  • Track up/down
  • Audible search up/down
  • Top Function (restarts playback at the first track of a disc)
  • Track repeat and Disc repeat
  • 10-Second Scan Play (both track and disc)
  • Random Play: one CD or entire magazine

Remote Control Functions

Dimensions: L = 4.312", W = 1.730", H = 1.161"

Remote Buttons:

  • Function: turns power on/off (must be held down for one second to turn unit off), and switches between radio, MD, and CD changer
  • Band/Disc Up/Prog/Top: switches radio band, activates Top Play feature and moves to next disc in CD changer
  • Volume up/down: increases and decreases volume (in all modes)
  • Search </>: moves radio preset stations up/down, moves MD tracks up/down, and searches CD tracks up/down (when held for 1 second or more)
  • Play/pause: switches between MD and CD changer play and pause
  • Mute: turns the mute function on/off
  • ISR: recalls ISR radio station in memory (when pressed briefly) and stores current station into ISR memory (when pressed and held for more than 2 seconds)
  • Display: switches between main display and clock display
  • Scan PS/AS: for single MD and changer activates track scan play, and activates disc scan play for the changer only
  • Repeat/BLS: activates single disc repeat play (receiver and changer) and activates all discs repeat play (changer)
  • Random/Monitor: activates single disc random play (receiver and changer) and activates disc random play (changer)
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