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Sony DSC-MD1

Manufacturer's Recommended Sale Price JPY125,000

The long-awaited Sony MD camera.

Full-featured but still limited in terms of resolution. It has a nice infra-red data transfer feature that can transmit to PCs, other Sony digital cameras and the DPP-M55 photo printer.

All the controls are labelled in Japanese, as is the on-screen menu, and as this is a full featured camera it will be a bit of a challenge if you cannot read any Japanese at all. If on the other hand you know cameras well, it is straightforward enough. Not an entry point into the digital camera world, but for someone who knows his or her stuff - a first class tool.

As a device to make a pictorial review of something with verbal notes attached, it cannot be beat.

The MD audio is similar in spec. to the MZ-R50, and titling is even easier using the big colour LCD panel. You can also record in mono mode.

Output is JPEG file.

Feature Details
Official Name MD Cybershot Digital Still Camera DSC-MD1
Package includes DSC-MD1
wireless remote control
140Mb MD Data Disk
video cable
headphones with in-line remote control
Lens cap
cleaning cloth
2 AA size alkali dry cell batteries (for the wireless remote control)
manual (no English)
Lens 5.2 to 15.6mm f2.0 (equivalent to 37 to 110 on a 35mm camera)
Pixels 350,000 (max resolution 640x480)
Light Digitiser 1/3 inch charge-coupled device
White Balance Automatic
Light metering TTL
Sensitivity not stated
Lens range Macro mode down to 1cm - macro mode is automatic
Flash Range 0.8m to 5.0m
Shutter Speed 1/4 to 1/10,000
Ports DC In
infra-red digital I/O
Analogue MIC/Line In
NTSC Video out
Headphone (minplug) socket
Minijack RS232C Digital I/O socket
Internal microphone
Internal speaker
Finder, Monitor No finder.
Monitor is 2.5 inch foldable TFT colour panel with 62k pixels
MD capacity Fine Mode (640x480) - 1,000
Standard Mode (320x240) - 2,000
Or 365 standard mode pictures and 40 minutes of stereo sound.
Other features Also plays standard MDs. Does not record on these!
self timer
Internal clock calendar
Time lapse exposure system
Capable of multiple exposures in very short time. 9 per second?.
Optional Accessories Extra MD140 disks JPY2,000
Accessory Kit (including shoulder strap, carry bag, infolithium rechargeble battery NP-F100 AC Adaptor, view-finder shade) ACC KIT-MD1 JPY24,000
PC-Kit (Japanese only) DSKIT-PC4 JPY9,800
PC RS232C to Infra-Red reader kit. DSKIT-IR2W JPY12,800
Rechargeble Infolithium Battery NP-F200 JPY12,000
Weight 490g (without battery)
Dimensions 87mm x 116mm x 56mm


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