Emergency MiniDiscs at the BBC

It's always interesting to hear unusual apllications of the MiniDisc format. Here's how the BBC use MiniDiscs in emergency situations in their new studios. This information is from the February issue of the UK magazine The Mix - Mads

There is a locket cabinet in Studio 1 with a clear message which reads: 'This Cabinet contains: 1 Emergency Procedure Booklet and 1 Emergency MiniDisc. DO NOT REMOVE FROM THIS ROOM.'. This is the most important part of the fire alarm procedure in the Radio 1 studios, and its dictates are simple. Emergency MiniDiscs are regularly recorded to be played in case of fire or other reasons for evacuation. Basically, the procedure involves the DJ running to the emergency cabinet, grabbing the disc, thrusting it into a MiniDisc player and then running like shit-off-a-shovel through the nearest fire-exit to safety. The MiniDisc keeps the radio station's output going until the DJ has time to resume his or her seat - or, in the worst-case scenario, pick up the show in another studio (maybe in another building). The 45-minute MiniDiscs are updated every six months, so the tunes at least have some revelance to the show...

The same article also mentions, that the BBC uses Denon MiniDisc players for jingles and pre-recorded announcements.

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