Daitei Post Giro Transfer Experiences

Georg Neugschwandtner reports on his experience ordering from DAITEI

I tried the Post Giro Transfer successfully (some time ago, I have to admit), so I decided to sum up my experiences.

I can of course, however, only provide information regarding the procedure here in Austria, and I am not even sure that I did it completely right; nevertheless, it was obviously sufficiently correct for the order to arrive (and for everyone involved to find out information needed)...

The first problem for me was that I had no idea what the right word for "Post Giro Transfer" was here in Austria; fortunately, the post office clerk could help me with this after I had explained that I would like to transfer a certain amount of JPY directly to a giro account at a Japanese Post Office (what you need is an "Auslandserlagschein", by the way). I had to fill in my address, the payee's address (where I put down the whole address given under Part B/1/3: Hideyuki Tanaka, Daitei Inc, 4-8-13 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka 556, Japan), the payee's post giro account number ("Kontonummer des Empfaengers"), and the bank or "Postscheckamt" (postal cheque office?) the account was at. There I put down "Post Office: Naniwa, Osaka 556, Japan", all in capitals, of course. (I am almost sure that the words "post office" were not necessary; I included them just to be sure.)

Having completed the form, I still had the information "NAME: DAITEI" you give as well for the Post Giro Account and did not know where and whether to fill it in; I asked the clerk and she suggested to squeeze it in above the payee's account number. (As the form does not require it, it may probably be left out as well.) The biggest problem was to find out the reference number for the transfer: I was simply handed the carbon copy of the form I had just filled in! I started looking for any current number, and finally figured out that the leftmost number in the machine-readable section on the bottom of the form varied from form to form (although it was pre-printed). So I decided to provide this one as "transfer information". I had to pay ATS 60 for the transfer, by the way.

What's to do, in short (I can only assume this, of course, as I have not yet tried leaving out the "security measures" [i.e. adding "NAME: DAITEI", "POST OFFICE:", and faxing (sending a copy) of the receipt along]):

I faxed the order immediately after completing the post giro transfer (also including the receipt); this was on January 29. I received my 20 MDs on February 20, free of duty, without further trouble.

I was very pleased when I discovered that (obviously since both the Scotch and Keep disks I had ordered had been sold out in the meantime, which also made the order take a little longer to arrive) I was sent a pack of- more expensive- Maxell and Axia disks each instead!

Georg Neugschwandtner

Student at the Vienna University of Technology

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