August 25, 2000

Fashionable shine of LED according to operation, and "Liquid crystal edge light" and "Optical sign" adoptions

MD portable recorder < MD-MT66 > is newly put on the market.

Convenient "Charge stand" with remote control folder

Name of articles MD portable recorder
Shape name MD-MT66
Standard price 41,000 yen (excluding tax)
Monthly production 15,000
Sale day September 1
Pet name MD-J

Sharp newly puts MD portable recorder < MD-MT66 > by which LED in the surroundings part of the liquid crystal shines when selection and the reproduction, etc. are operated, and "Charge stand" with "Liquid crystal edge light", "Optical sign" by which the main body is produced fashionable, and the remote control folder is adopted newly on the market. "W shuttle key" to which the edit operation etc. in addition to the recording/the reproduction are done easily for compact and a long time when [it] carries easily to outdoor is newly adopted.; *** Convenience as <^(unknown word)> machine <again> has been improved further.;

< main feature >

1. An optical sign where high brightness LED shines when charging and operating it by which "Liquid crystal edge light" and "Optical sign" functions portable MD begins to appear, and high brightness LED ((*injikeitah*)) is arranged in the surroundings part of the main body liquid crystal is adopted. Surroundings of the liquid crystal blink when charging and operating it, and the operation situation is produced fashionable.

2. *** "Charge stand (with remote control folder)" which can be charged It is easily attached <charge stand which can be charged> easily <only putting> only by putting main body in portable telephone sense. The skeleton material adoption which shines as an interior design of the room is assumed to be a fashionable design. A convenient remote control folder which was able to multiply remote control while charging it was integrated.

3. The shuttle key that operativeness is good for both sides in the main body of "W shuttle key" liquid crystal part where the edit operation is done easily is adopted. The edit operations of the volume adjustment and the character input, etc. can be easily done.

4. [It] recorded for a long time, the reproduction was achieved for a long time, and a continuous reproduction was achieved for long time for long time of about 15.5 hours of a continuous recording and about 30 hours by using together about the charge pond and the AA alkali dry battery (1) by the adoption of making to the conserved electric power about the achievement picking up and LSI and mechanism, etc. and small nickel hydrogen charge pond.

5. By adopting of the new MD portable recorder super-thin type picking up of a small size, miniaturizing of the MD mechanism, and consolidating the composition parts; *** The miniaturization of about 5% in the volume was aimed at by the surface area about 13% compared with present commodity (MD-MT831), and <^(unknown word)> machine of the size of the MD jacket where (*suppori*) was installed <again> was achieved in the breast pocket.;

*** 800,000(102.2% of the ratio to the previous year) and steady demand are forecast about 3,020,000(109.0% of the ratio to the previous year) and the ^(unknown word) type among those <again> portable MD demand in the country of 2000 fiscal year. Young man user's demand increases in this category as well as a portable reproduction and needs for a casual design have risen. This machine proposes to a wide user layer in which [it] centered on the young man user based on 'Small size, lightness, and reproduction/recording for a long time'by a casual design by which 'Optical sign'and 'W shuttle'are made a point.
Details are here .

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